Work-Life Balance in Freelancing

Everyone wants to become successful and in order for us to become one, we would work harder than anyone else. It could mean getting a part-time freelance job while working as a full-time employee, or getting more than 2 clients as a freelancer. Juggling personal life and career life is going to be difficult. If we will not be able to balance our career and personal life, one of them will go wrong. In order to become successful as a freelancer while leading a thrilling personal life, bear in mind the following helpful advice.

How do you achieve work-life balance in freelancing?

Setting up your own working space

Having your own working space will help you focus on your work. And being focused means getting more work done. If you are in the comfort of your home, this will help you separate from the every minute distractions that go around your house.

Planning your work schedule even a week in advance

This will help you become more productive. This will also help you avoid being overwhelmed by all your daily tasks, especially if you are handling two or more clients. If you are able to plan your schedule properly, you will also be able to have some Me-Time or out-of-town vacations with family or friends. And if you are a mother with toddlers, you will also be able to bond with them while not feeling stressed.

Delegating your administrative or marketing tasks

These tasks are also as important but also need to be done. Most of the time, these are being carried out outside working hours that eat up our time which should have been spent with the family. Repetitive tasks such as these can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant, especially if these things take up too much of your time. Then you can focus on more important and urgent matters that need immediate attention.

Do not accept jobs more than what you can

Sure you can delegate all the other tasks to your Virtual Assistant as previously mentioned. But you should be the one doing all the crucial tasks which would have a major impact on your business as a freelancer and also on your client’s business. Accepting jobs more than what you can only consume much of your personal time and compromise your success as a freelancer.

Have some personal time

As you plan your work schedule, it is also important to leave some time for the things that you love. This is your time where you can play your favorite mobile games, your favorite movies or TV shows, play your favorite hobby, visit a salon, or your time with your friends. If you have kids, this is the best time to spend it with them without being stressed by all your pending tasks. As previously mentioned, this is all possible because you have planned your work schedule ahead of time.

Inform your client of your time offs

Utilize your Vacation Responder from your email, and inform your client of other communication platforms you both are using. Even before contract signing, emphasizing to your client the importance of your personal time is necessary. This will ensure quality time with your family or friends.

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