Where to Find Web Design Clients: A Beginner’s Journey

Hey! It’s 2021! Happy New Year!

As your Web Design coach I am still here to help you out and guide you as you move along with your freelancing journey. Here is another topic that we could try in order for you to go on with your stairways.

In this article, the first question is: “Where can you find Web Design Clients?”

Doing what you are passionate about is perfect, no question with that. How to maintain financial stability is crucial. This is where you should focus on once you have already decided your niche. In web designing, it is very important to have clients and make them satisfied with your results. You must master how to become really effective and efficient as well in order for you to retain clients and add more potential ones.

In my previous article, Simple Hacks to Get the Target Clients For Your Web Design Services, I have mentioned there most of the needed items to take note especially if you are a beginner in this freelancing journey. You may check that one out if you want to have a deeper idea on how to begin targeting potential clients for web designing.

Here are the additional inputs which you can check out and put into mind as well, so you are guided as you proceed:


This kind of strategy can be done either verbally or in writing. If you are able to build a good rapport with your target client and are able to build a good conversation, it is not far enough that you can make him your client.  The power of words is what I am always emphasizing, it is very powerful that you can switch a non-interested person to become your customer. You can deal and seal right away if you are good in it.

Another one is in writing. In making businesses online, you can send proposals. Just make sure you make it as professional as possible and as good as possible. Written proposals are equally as important as finding good opportunities.


This is one of the easiest ways to find your potential clients in web designing. All you have to do is build your profile which is perfectly fit for this niche. In my article, Best Shots to Attract Web Designing Clients, you will find there some tips on how you should make your presence visible and attractive to clients.

In a marketplace platform it is very important that your profile is ready even as a beginner. Marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, etc., the potential clients over there are very critical. So you have to make your presence as strong as possible. You will get noticed once you have done your profile into place.


Another one to give a try is cold pitching. It is the sending of emails to targeted clients to convince them to work with you. It is an email campaign which must be as concise as possible so clients won’t tag you as a spam.

You may do Cold Pitching through:

  1. Email
  2. In-person


Take note of your subject lines, your content, your purpose and your suggestions.


It is as easy as introducing yourself and explaining what you do to your target clients. Watch out for your choice of words because you are dealing with a real target client in person.


It could be in conferences for Web Designing. Remember the Cold Pitching where you can discuss things in person? This is it. Attending conferences in relation to your niche like Web Designing, you can have ample number of persons whom you can possibly work or build good relationships with. Try to ask if you could add them in your social media platforms like LinkedIn. Or you can ask them if you could join their group pages if they have. From there, you can continue dealing with them by actively participating in their related activities.

Speak in public. You can get noticed abruptly if you are one of the speakers in a certain gathering. An active participant always gets the most attention. You can grab opportunity so that more clients will have a good impression of you and eventually have a deal with you.


Make your existence immortal as they say. How? It is through building good relationships and extending more networks. Always remember the power of words. They are your key to making good impressions and building good relationships with your target clients. If they can’t be the client you will be working with in the future, they might be your key to get another one because they refer to you as a Web Designer.

With this, you can develop your ability to become dependable and influential.


Try this one. How? This is very trendy and you can actually do it now or may you are already doing this on your own.

Making blogs. Develop your writing skills and unleash the writer in you. Share your thoughts and make this potential noticeable by sharing and embedding it in all your social media platforms and websites.

You can build your audience from there until it branches out. Remember the #5 REFERRALS? This can work here as well. Most people who would refer someone, it is always the website and the social media platforms that they are checking on first. Make your profiles and posts as professional, as influencing and as catchy as possible.

Other tips which I can share are well written in my posted blogs. You may check the following:

  1. How to get noticed using social media platforms
  2. Attract high paying clients in web designing

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