What is a Domain Name and Web Hosting? Why do you need to get them?

In our FVA Web Design Course, you will learn how to build a website for your own business. If you are a freelancer, having your own website is one way of proving to your clients that you can build a website for them. This is also another step in growing your business and making yourself visible online, this is applicable for business entrepreneurs as well, especially small and start-up ones.

Two important things you need to have in building a website:

To build a winning website, these are the important things that we need to set up before all the fun of designing starts: Domain Name and Web Hosting. Why do we need to have these two requirements in building websites?

1. Domain Name

Technically, the domain name system (DNS) is a naming database in which internet domain names located and translated into internet protocol (IP) addresses. The domain name system maps the name people use to locate a website to the IP address that a computer uses to locate a website.

This the name or address of your website (Example: michellemacaraig.com or fvawebdesign.com). Note that this is only your website address but not the actual platform for building your website.

2. Web Hosting

By technical definition, Web hosting is the service of providing storage space for a website or application on a server on the internet. Once your website is available on the internet, it would get accessed by other computers connected to the internet.

It’s another essential part of getting your business online. Think of it as a virtual space, where all the data (e.g. images, files, text, etc.) of your website will be stored.

That must be a crump to your brain, isn’t it? Okay so let’s simplify. DOMAIN is the address you are staying in. You want to build a website, you want to build a house. So? You need an address for your house. Web hosting is the place where all the files of your website live. It is like the home of your website where it actually lives. It is the house you wanted to build your loved ones can finally live.

Domain and Web Hosting should work together. Though domain names and web hosting are two different services, they should work together to make websites possible. Behind each domain name, there is an address of the web hosting service storing the website’s files.

Without domain names, it will not be possible for people to find your website and without web hosting, you cannot build a website.


There are plenty of companies that offer domain names and web hosting services, but they are not all created equal. While it’s obvious that compelling content is important, web owners often brush aside the significance of a reliable domain registry and web host.

Your address and space providers are your business partners. When it comes to business, you will need somebody you can trust and who will not let you down.

Because there are hundreds of them out there, I know how overwhelming it can get to choose the right provider. So I’m going to help you out. To get you started, these are the two providers that I trust with my business.

For Domain Name: Namecheap
  • Affordable – True to its name, it offers affordable domains. A .com domain starts at only $8.88/yr with a free WhoisGuard Protection.
    Multi-year and multiple domain name registrations entitle you to lower prices. Promo codes are also regularly published, so be on the lookout for those!
  • Secure: Free WhoisGuard Protection – Who what? When you register a domain, you are required to submit sensitive information (e.g. name, address, phone number) which becomes publicly available in the Whois database, even to spammers and fraudsters.  WhoisGuard protects your private details, so you avoid receiving unsolicited messages and being a target of identity theft.

It is the only registrar that provides a free WhoisGuard Protection for every domain name registration!                       Best of all, it’s not a promotion, it’s free for life!

  • Trusted & Reliable – It is one of the leading domain name registrars in the world and trusted by millions of individuals and businesses.
FOR WEB HOSTING: Interserver
  • Affordable Quality with Price-Lock Guarantee – It’s a top-performing host with an entry plan of only $5.00 on the 1st month, which can even go as low as $2.50/month during Black Friday! It assures 99.9% uptime, which means your website is always accessible. And it has ultra-fast loading speeds, so your visitors can have a hassle-free experience while browsing your website.
    To add more value, it makes the incredible promise of never increasing your sign-up price (for the same plan) for as long as you use their service! Even for Black Friday purchases.
  • Excellent Customer Service – Its performance backed up by an excellent support center. Its clients constantly rave about its awesome team that is available 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Also part of its commitment to customer satisfaction. Nothing signals quality more than a business willing to earn your trust in the right way. It’s a great opportunity to test their service for a month at practically no cost to you.

Why do I need to invest in getting a domain name and web hosting?

You need to think of getting a domain name and web hosting as an investment for your freelancing business and not just an expense. This has been proven to me as a Web Designer and I have been getting job invitations by clients from time to time.

You will have credibility as a freelancer, web designer, or a business. This has been proven to me as a Web Designer and I’ve been getting job invitations by clients from time to time.

Everything you need to know about getting a domain name and web hosting will be discussed in our FVA Web Design course.

You are on your way to becoming a Web Designer

Web Design is one of the most in-demand and highly paid freelancing skills. There is also a high demand from an ever-growing market as more businesses shift to online transactions.

For many clients, creating an online presence is no longer just an option but a necessity. And, in this day and age, where everyone has gone digital, owning a website that works is crucial to success– this is where the Web Designers come in.

Web Designers help establish credibility and increase revenue through winning website designs.

The design of a website can make or break an online campaign, and creating one can be a tedious task if you are unsure where to start. But good news: it’s easier than you think! Another good news: you don’t need a background in programming/coding to get started.

In this course, I will teach you everything you need to set up a website using WordPress.

Learn Web Design Today!

This course is great for aspiring or current Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, Website Managers, Web Designers, and Business entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build and design their own website.

Training Coverage:

  • Understanding Web Design and WordPress
  • Exploring the CPanel and Installing WordPress
  • Exploring the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Web Designing using Page Builders
  • Building a Landing Page and Basic Email Marketing
  • Building an Online Shop with WooCommerce
  • Create a Membership Site
  • Basic SEO
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Marketing and Growing your Business


  • 10 recorded lessons
  • 2 live sessions
  • With online certification after course completion
  • Free apprenticeship and hiring opportunities



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