Web Designing for Rookies

Web Designing for Rookies

Web Designing for Rookies? In this program, you will learn the basic elements that you need to consider in building your very own website. You are asking yourself what do I need to put on my website. In creating your website, you must have a blueprint on how your website look-like.

When designing your website, you must also consider if it is user-friendly or appealing to the eyes of your visitors. I believe in the saying, “Our visitor will only check our website about 30 seconds or 1 minute.” After that, it will determine if they will continue browsing or leave our website.

Now, let me share with you these tips that you need to consider in designing your website.

  1. Homepage –

    This will be the heart and soul of your website. It must be presentable to your viewers because it will leave an impression on them. Always remember the first impression lasts. Your homepage must be appealing and organized. Also, try to think about what content you will put on your homepage. 

  2. Fonts –

    You must have at least 2 or 3 fonts style that you will use in the entire process of building your website. You don’t need to be fancy in choosing your font. 

  3. Colors –

    You must pick the color that will define your website. Also, you need to consider the color of your logo and your branding. Like the fonts, you must also be consistent in using these colors to organized and appealing to the eyes. 

  4. Contact Us Page –

    In this section, you must put all the details of how they can reach or contact you. 

  5. Social Media Buttons –

    It is not enough to have only a “Contact Us.” button. Let them also know what social media platforms are you active. It is also one way of increasing your online presence. And it also creates social traffic.

Now, you know the basic, tips in creating your very own website, it is now time to put these: knowledge into application. Don’t be afraid to try different styles to make your website fresh and beautiful. Always remember: “Practice makes Perfect”.

Though, if you feel like these aren’t enough, I’d like to share with you these great courses you can take and improve more on your freelancing journey. Just click here to know more about these great offers.

Do you have more tips about web designing and would like to share them? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below. 





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