Web Designing Career: A Balanced Working Life and Real Life

Are you having trouble thinking about how to survive a freelancing job in web designing career and your personal life? Yes, it is a challenge everybody has to endure even if you’re not a web designer. But since this job is one of the most vital in working-from-home, the challenge of balance comes in.

Starting a new career is hard because it is always challenging in making beginnings. As you progress, you will get immune to the vitality of your career and you are guaranteed well adjusted. However, we are not only living because of our careers. As a Web Designer, it is a challenge as well on how we maintain our career and our personal life.

A balanced life is closer to perfection. It is very important because that is how you become more motivated to move along and progress in life whether it is your career, personal life and everything that matters.

It is given that the job is overwhelming for Web Designers especially those who are into freelancing. The presence of your work at home or anywhere you want to work (given you are a freelancer), and the presence of your family with you can challenge your time, effort and concentration. It is easy to establish but it is very challenging to make a balance of everything.


To help you with this kind of situation in your career in Web Designing, may I share with you some tips on how you cope and survive your life everyday by balancing the aspects.

  1. Have a Flexible Time

Loosen up with your schedules. Flexible time is very helpful not only in finishing your tasks, finishing personal things to settle with, but also gives you ample time to rest.

The traditional 8 or 10 hour working time can be broken into a few enough hours to concentrate on your tasks. I understand that as a Web Designer, it is not guaranteed everyday you feel like you have a huge amount of focus and ideas to finish your tasks. There are moments that your brain is so drained you just wanted to sleep. In this kind of situation, a flexible time is a great help. You can take your time each day and finish the task each day without forcing yourself to report on time.

  1. Always set a special time to finish task everyday

As mentioned above, there are times that we as web designers really feel exhausted. Given we are not only working at home, but most of us also have obligations to face everyday. That’s why make sure to always set a special time in finishing your tasks.

There are moments when we have a lot of time, say for example 10 hours but those 10 hours can be wasted if our brains are not in the mood to finish the tasks. There are moments as well, that we can finish the tasks in less than an hour, no sweat.

To give justice to your clients, do not be too dependent on your mood. Always bear in mind that no matter how flexible your time is, you must have ample time to produce outputs everyday.

  1. Adjust engagements

Being devoted to a single client is good. But remember you are a freelancer, you can always finish tasks depending on your schedules. You may serve 2 masters in scheduled periods and that is normal for freelancers. While being a web designer means “focused”, you may also have extra or part-time jobs just to loosen up a bit from being too hooked on your project.

However, this is not just absolutely encouraging. Though you may have the freedom to be with your preferred scheduled tasks, you are still encouraged to adjust on your engagements. More gigs, more part-time, more projects only means more money. But it is not always all about the money. I am always emphasizing with you ever since that credibility and focus are more important.

It is always better to have focus and concentration, accomplishing one task at a time.

  1. Don’t overthink about Outsourcing

Don’t overwork yourself. Moreover, do not overload your mind. If you have too many assignments, delegate. You always have the choice to entrust a task or a responsibility to other experts. You can’t be a Web Designer and a Social Media Manager or a Digital Marketer, all at the same time. Let’s face it, Web Designing is a huge responsibility. You cannot mix web designing with something outside from its specialty.

If you feel that the responsibility is too much, be open to your client or you may delegate it with your teammates.

  1. Have a Workstation

I am always emphasizing this to my students, to always have a comfortable place you can work on at home. But it doesn’t mean you need to work on your bed because that is where you are most comfortable with.

You might be comfortable in some areas of your home and that is okay. But it is always advisable to have an area where you can place all your Web Designing stuff including your notes, your planner, your clock and all your needed stuff aside from your PC or your laptop.

  1. Have something that can motivate you

A balanced professional life is always having something that can set a good motivation. It is not always about working your butt-off. If social media scrolling can recalibrate your brain, use it as a relaxing tool. Others do biking, walking, cooking and spending time with friends laughing and goofing around.

Web Designing jobs are self-consuming and draining, always have something that can motivate you. Something that can refresh your mind and make you work alive again.

  1. Always practice Good Communication

As a web designer, you need this. Always have constant communication with your clients. Any updates, clarification and needs should always be open for communication. Whether you are at work or on your vacation. Give it time to always give short periods of discussion. Besides, you are a freelancer so you can always give your client some free period of talks.

  1. Have an organized schedule

In all types of careers, even becoming a full-time mom, time-management is everything. Everybody knows that. This is because you can never turn back time and time is the most expensive thing without a price tag.

By having a well-organized schedule, personal life and professional life can always be managed. Once you are a web designer, you should also be a master of time-management. Always bear in mind that the calendar and the clock are part of your essential tools.

  1. Maintain a proper diet

What is a good career if you are unhealthy? Life always starts with our bodies. A healthy lifestyle can always help us with our productivity and efficiency. Maintaining good health is not just the absence of disease or illness, it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. This means eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, avoiding all the unnecessary to our wellness and having enough rest are all we have to maintain a balanced kind of health which creates a balanced kind of life.

  1. Don’t procrastinate

Avoid late submissions. Always submit your assignments on or before deadlines. Based on your schedules for the day, what should be done should always be done. Remember about credibility? That’s who you should always be as a web designer. Build trust and confidence from your clients.

Become a credible and trusted Web Designer by having a balanced kind of life. Someone clients can clearly depend on and entrust their business with. We at FVA, produce quality Web Designers who can be trusted and most of all credible to work with.

If you are planning to become one, enroll now at FVA WEB DESIGN COURSE and start your career coaching with me. The tips above mentioned are a few things you can learn from me as your coach.

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