Attracts High Paying Clients More in Web Designing

Are you curious about how much a real dedicated VA can earn? A Web Designer, you ask? I can tell as a Web Designer myself, that this niche is one of the highest paying jobs online nowadays that attracts high paying clients. Are you one of those who are struggling to earn your first client? I guess, it’s time to turn those wishes and dreams around and start building an impressive portfolio.

There are a lot of foreign clients outside the Philippines who are hiring Web Designers specializing WordPress. Yep! A lot of clients are loving WordPress because of its undeniable neatness and engaging characteristic, plus the fact that WordPress has a real good speed among website builders available.

I know working with big brands would make your goal pretty much attainable, but for a good start, it is always nice to take a smaller step than that. The first to the last thing that you could do, are the ones I will be enumerating below. So sit back and relax while you are reading and learning from this article.

Here are the practical tips which I can share with you as you start building yourself by learning WordPress and rock the Web Designing Business through your commendable powerful Web Design portfolio.

What you must possess as a Web Designer

Ideally, you must have a passion for technology. You cannot handle things well in Web Designing if you are not tech savvy. It is also expected of you by future clients. So you must be aware of the current technology available especially as to the tools, apps, and plugins.

With this, you must study Web Designing and seriously understand the beauty and the purpose of WordPress. There are a lot of clients who do not know anything about Website Builders, but they are very knowledgeable of everything pertaining to their respective businesses, and what tools they are going to use in branching out especially online. So as a Web Designer, you must master your niche for you will be asked with essential inquiries expected of you, as a potential VA to assist them in progressing their businesses. Besides, since it is expected as one of the highest paying freelancing jobs, you must always expect a lot of inquiries from hiring clients. So always be prepared.

What would you expect from hiring clients?

Generally, always bear in mind that business people like hiring clients are always focusing on business growth, profit, and how productivity can be more maximized. As a Web Designer, your idea is just about building the website and making it engaging. With that given priorities from you as a Website Designer, trying to build an impressive website, always makes your client happy. Build a website that is navigating, engaging and traffic magnet. That way, you won’t worry about the profit or the productivity of the business your client is handling.

With that, you can have a great start of having an impressive initiation of your job as a Website Designer. When you start the right way, that goes a long way. And always bear in mind, the power of words. An impressed client will always recommend you to more clients which for sure will overwhelm you.

So where are the high paying clients?

A simple tip from me in looking for potential clients, never expect a real good pay right away. Everything starts in the beginning not in the middle and in the end. So even if Web Designing is expected to be a high paying job, always bear in mind that there is an exemption for a rookie in this field.

Since you are still struggling to start, target your portfolio to become powerful and impressive. You will be lucky if for a start you already have a great pay for a Web Design project. I am not saying that, for a start you always go for a lower pay or worse a free service. No. You studied really hard and paid for it. So you must give yourself a reward. If you had your first target client, present yourself impressively and if you successfully get the deal, congratulations! For sure the pay would always be justifiable to what tasks you are going to do.

Keep learning as you start the actual project, continue doing business on a higher ground and deliver satisfactorily that clients will get tempted to give you some bonus.

How to connect with your prospects/target clients?

1. Target small businesses to start with

You will expect a not so high pay from these kinds of clients. But this is a good start. Start from there so you can put your learning into practice and learn more as you go along with the progress.

2. Know who you are targeting to

Always target the correct one. Some VAs would target wrong clients by pursuing a wrong task. If you are a Web Designer, always look for clients who are looking for it. Unless you have different specializations or niches which you can practice out practically, while you are still looking for a perfect target client.

3. Build an Impressive Portfolio in freelancing job platforms

A good portfolio displays all your impressive resume and niches. How will you have this? Earn a certificate of completion in Web Designing Course. If clients know you studied your niche, they will get impressed and consider you for a potential candidate. You will never know, you might be chosen even if you are not yet experienced.

4. Specify your price

As you build your portfolio in freelancing platforms, you may put in your starting rate so that clients will have the idea on how much they are expected of you.

5. Have your Website updated

This will make you a more credible and legit freelancer. Clients won’t hesitate to communicate with you once they see you have an existing website. The more updated your website is, the more the client will become attracted to you. Especially, the target is building a website itself.

6. Become a Solution Finder and Solution Maker

High paying clients always look for someone who can help them make their businesses grow. How will you do it? Make suggestions that will improve their businesses. The more crucial their business challenges become, the more you must always note that you can be retained if you are able to help them out by making their websites more impressive and engaging.

Always deliver high quality outputs and always update them with your proposals Don’t hesitate to tell them what’s on your mind. You might resolve a problem or two that they are looking for.

Do it by asking permission always.

7. Support System

Bear in mind that as a Web Designer, you are not just someone who wants to earn money. You must also note that a good relationship with your client also means a good relationship with their customers. For a newbie like you, you may consider, client support requests, SEO, or anything related to your building of a website. This way, you can win your client’s heart and will always have you in mind by either retaining you or giving you more recommendations as you move forward.

Just what I am always emphasizing, “make your client happy”.

8. Online presence

Aside from updating your own website, also make your social media presence activated. Have a professional business social media account which you can present yourself really well. Join groups where most of your target clients are in.

If I may suggest, if you are looking for potential clients who are credible and legit, they are all in LinkedIn and Instagram. Also consider Facebook especially, Facebook groups. Another two Social Media platforms which are currently having a lot of potential clients are YouTube and TikTok. You may add up Pinterest and Twitter if you like, because most foreign clients do also have these platforms. So just to make you more equipped and prepared if they would have to ask you social media business accounts.

To establish your social media presence, you may:

  • Create contents which are insightful. Something that could help others, giving concerns, uplifting lives, building positivity and displaying your niche or specialization without making any sort of business engagements.
  • Join groups about WordPress or Web Designing and Developing. Become active and become participative.
  • Write an article that will boost your writing prowess and alleviate your web designing business.
  • If you share a video on your YouTube channel talking about your niche and promote them in your social media platforms.
  • Appreciate or promote the academy where you learned your web designing course. You may also participate by being active to your group together with your batchmates or the school’s business page itself.

9. Build a close network and always reach out to them

Aside from maintaining good friendships and strong relationships with your family and friends, classmates and batchmates, mentors and former instructors, former colleagues or former bosses, you may also be able to build a good structure where your client may possibly be thinking of asking about how you build and maintain your own network.

Most clients prefer someone who knows how to maintain professionalism and good reach to other people. For all you know, business is always business as usual. Your reach and engagements with others matter a lot so always reach out to people you can easily access. You may get to be with them by posting a few contents in a week, making them get updated about you and that you are still alive despite your busy schedule.

10. Have a group of character references

Never forget your professional contacts. It’s a small world, a person you met at one end might be the same person you will deal with on the other end. Character references are often contacted by bigger clients just to prove your working attitude, capabilities and your former position or skills displayed.

Have a good set prepared so if your potential client would ask, you are ready.

My final word

As you go along with the Web Designing job moving forward, set an ultimate goal. Go fishing for good paying clients. They are all available in this niche that we have. It is very possible that you can reach a good paying one at the very start of your career since most clients would always pay from average to high amounts.

Also, focus on increasing your skills and experience. This adds up to the beauty of your portfolio and eventually catches a bigger fish. Struggles and challenges are normal for seeking VAs like you, as a newbie that is just so normal. That’s why I enumerated the things that you need where you can catch bigger fishes whom you can consider to be finally work with and help build their websites.

Always, look for long term benefits not just for your clients but for yourself more importantly. Don’t just focus on the pay, focus on how much you have improved and what more you can do about it.

If you are not yet a VA, but targeting to become one and have a Web Designing Course in mind to develop your potential, let me help you.

Learn Web Design Today!

This course is great for aspiring or current Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, Website Managers, Web Designers, and Business entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build and design their own website.

Training Coverage:

  • Understanding Web Design and WordPress
  • Exploring the CPanel and Installing WordPress
  • Exploring the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Web Designing using Page Builders
  • Building a Landing Page and Basic Email Marketing
  • Building an Online Shop with WooCommerce
  • Create a Membership Site
  • Basic SEO
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Marketing and Growing your Business


  • 10 recorded lessons
  • 2 live sessions
  • With online certification after course completion
  • Free apprenticeship and hiring opportunities


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