Valuable Tips For Freelancers with No Experience

Tips to be able to Get Your First Dream Client

Take note of these valuable tips if you are a beginner in this industry. Taking the first step is always the hardest. But once you have done it, all things will follow. It is an exciting experience to be creating your personal brand and every step is going to be fulfilling.

1. Goal setting

Listing down your purpose, goals, and your ‘whys’ of taking freelancing as a career. This will help you become motivated to take the initial steps. There are advantages and disadvantages to working as a freelance. While this is not an option to many, understanding its benefits to you and your family will help you decide if this is the road you want to take.

2. Acquiring skills

Acquire marketable skills. Once you do, it is already a big advantage on your part as a freelancer. The most important thing is, it should be something that interests you. And being a newbie in the industry is not a reason as there are a lot of available resources to be found over the internet.

3. Choosing a niche

This is determining the service you want to offer that perfectly matches your set skills and abilities. This will help you become more focused and make you an expert later on. Being an expert means giving more value to your services and an outcome that is beyond your client’s expectations.

4. Building personal brand and portfolio

These are presented on a website you created which already serves as an experience for you because you put a lot of time and effort into creating one. You are now marketing yourself by presenting this. And this helps your prospective client identify you from the rest and gives them an idea of the kind of service and values you are going to provide as a business owner.

5. Being visible online

This is already called marketing yourself in the digital world. Be where the CEOs are. Be active on different social media platforms. This gives your future clients that you are knowledgeable and expert without telling them directly about it. Besides, freelancers aren’t the only ones who look for prospects because CEOs do this, too.

6. Planning

Understanding your current situation, setting your limitations, determining your availability, evaluating risks and opportunities, and creating your client personas will help you anticipate potential problems ahead. Doing these will also help you efficiently and effectively handle your clients well.

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