Valuable Tips for Freelancers Who’ve Landed their First Clients

Being successful in this field of freelancing is not going to be easy. Once you’ve landed your first client, there are going to be a lot of struggles and a feeling of demotivation a lot of times. So from here, keep these in mind once you have gotten your first client.

Tips for Freelancers for Continued Success

Surround yourself with positive, supportive people

Join social media groups. There are a lot of groups to be found on social media. Having the same interests will motivate you to succeed. Most of these groups promote support, respect, and positivity. Here, you will find people who are also beginners with the same concerns as you. But there are also many people here who are experts in your niche. These are the people whom you have never met but they truly are going to be your source of inspiration and the ones who will help you with all your questions, even the most basic ones. If you are a woman like myself, there are social media groups for women, empowering women in their endeavors.


Commitment is understanding that there will be a lot of difficulties to come along the way but never giving up. With loads of tasks on hand leading to time constraints, having difficult clients, and goals being set by the client that seems unachievable. All of these are going to affect your personal and social life, and would sometimes take a toll on your health. Commitment is prioritizing and giving value to your work, striving to succeed or complete a project, and overcoming all these difficulties.

Continuous learning

With the ever-changing times, it is very important to be up to date with the trends, technology and upskill ourselves. What you know now might not be applicable tomorrow or there might be tools and ways that will make your work easier now. We have a wide array of sources of learning. From joining social media groups, webinars, online courses, youtube, podcasts. You name it and it is available with just a click of your mouse. Additionally, freelancing is booming because of the pandemic where competition is getting harder each day. If you are a general virtual assistant, go get a marketable skill like web design which will be in demand in the next years to come because of the popularity of mobile devices and the businesses going online. The important thing is to never stop learning.

Know your value

As much as you want to provide the best quality service to your clients, knowing your value means learning to say no to your clients. There will be clients stepping outside your set boundaries, calling you outside your working hours, giving tasks that are not within your agreement, providing deadlines that you know are impossible to reach, and most especially you will encounter clients providing rates that are too low for all the work that the client wants to get done. These are the things that will pull you down from becoming a successful freelancer. Learning to say no to all these things means respecting yourself as a business owner.

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