Top 5 Work From Home Ideas

With the pandemic that we are experiencing now, you are asking yourself what I’m going to do? How will I survive? Or will you ask yourself the million-dollar question “Is this the end of the world” just kidding. In this article, I will give you the top 5 work from home ideas that you can start with.

Have you thought about what sources of income I can do? Where I can get my resources to start my business while I’m at home. All you need to do is to look around at your house. Or you can use your skills to make something out of it.

Don’t be alarm am here to provide some ideas on how you will earn money will you are in the comfort of your home.

Top 5 Work From Home Ideas that will help you to survive in your daily living or daily expense:


  • Online Selling – Right now, most people are online because they can’t go outside, they can’t go to the malls, and they are not allowed to have a mass gathering like concerts or birthdays. While you are at your home, you can start your business by posting online on your social media accounts or doing Facebook live. You are asking what I can sell? Probably, you can start with your pre-loved items like clothes, bags, shoes, toys, etc.
  • Online Food Selling – If you have a talent in baking, you can bake cookies or cakes. If you have the flair in mixing, drinks, you can sell refreshments or concoction. If you have skills in cooking like Gordon Ramsay you can cook viands for lunch and dinner or pasta for snacks.ย 
  • ย Online Tutor – If you have a passion for teaching, you can use that to be an online tutor. Even you don’t have a degree in teaching you, can apply as a tutor as long as you have Good English and Good communication skills you are fit for in that job. Also, if you are good at numbers, equations, problem-solving then, you could apply as a Math tutor.
  • Customer Service Representative – During the COVID-19, most of the BPO’s offer a work from home arrangement. Also, some companies offer a seasonal account for a certain of months the program will run.ย 
  • Virtual Assistant – One of the booming industry right now, since the work from home set up arise due to the pandemic we are experiencing today. Some of the tasks of a VA’s are Appointment Setting, Data Entry, Booking Travel, Personal Assistant task, etc.

Now, you have some options to choose to earn while you are at home. Try these simple ideas to have extra income during your free time. Work from home is like a dream come because you are earning while enjoying the time that you can spend with your family members.

Do you have more tips about work from home and would like to share them? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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