There is no place like home…for work!

Our ride on COVID’s roller coaster is still far from over while we are all taken for a spin as it navigates mutation after mutation while we are helplessly strapped in hoping to emerge unscathed at the end. As a famous boxer once said: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Not all surprises are pleasant after all and surely we were dealt a heavy blow.

It’s about time!

If there is one luxury that the current pandemic has afforded us, it is time–lots of it. Now, any time is almost always the right time.

Now that our lives have virtually come to a standstill, we have time to appreciate the things and events we would otherwise have missed–be it indulging in a hobby, watching a movie, or seeing your child take his/her first steps. These mundane episodes have now become more meaningful. The colors of life seem to be more vibrant and we get to reconnect with life as we want it to be.

More and more of us now work from home and it is not changing anytime soon; we can achieve a balance of productivity both at a professional and personal level with minimal compromises. Technology has enabled many to achieve an ideal work setup that maximizes their output to achieve peak efficiency. Our new normal has accelerated the appreciation of alternative avenues for keeping economies functioning and for people to keep their jobs despite the unprecedented challenges we are currently facing. It would be safe to say that this is at least one aspect that COVID failed to stop; in fact, it has enabled it to thrive.

Feet up!

As I write this article, I am staring out of my bedroom window at all the trees while getting a whiff of clean air. Try to beat that at your office! To top it all off, I am wearing a t-shirt, short pants, and my flip-flops! No uniform, no entry does not apply.

Work-from-home used to be the realm of freelancers or people whom society deems as “unfit” to work. We are so bound by tradition that work has to involve being in an office or “place of work”. It’s funny how this convention is fast becoming a strange mindset–this has evolved into a revolution. There is no doubt that things get done quicker and results are achieved more accurately by doing your work at home! At the end of the day, it’s the person doing the job that matters, not the workplace. Absence is the new presence–you don’t have to be “there” to make things happen.

Absolute time corrupts

As with anything we have in abundance, there is a strong possibility that this will never be utilized to its full potential or is lost altogether. Procrastination is one major downside of working from home. Time management is compromised because we are in our comfort zone always and we can almost always do anything we like in between without fear of being sanctioned.  

As much as we enjoy the work-life balance that this novel approach has afforded us, we should constantly be reminded that time is also the greatest equalizer. Races are won by the athlete who gets to the finish line first, remember. 

A winning formula nonetheless

When we emerge from all these setbacks, I strongly believe that the work-from-home revolution will reshape how we view and do business.  Among the strongest traits to come out of this experience will be trust–the world will have to learn to be more discerning and be reminded that trust is ever so hard to achieve and yet so quick to lose.

Its never too late to learn something new

“You cannot teach an old dog new tricks”.  Unless you are an old dog, this does not apply to you.  We are in the midst of a global revolution and aren’t you glad you are part of that experience? Interesting times indeed and we have to let go of our rigid lifestyles and learn to be flexible–the new normal calls for this!  The opportunities are virtually endless and we cannot limit ourselves by what society dictates to us–now more than ever, we can plot our destiny, let our hair down, put our feet up and wear your tattered t-shirt to work…from home!  Well, at least take a bath…

Success is a few button presses away and it opens a universe of possibilities for you all from the comfort and safety of your own home!  Why not learn a new skill?  You can be a rockstar even if you have a bad singing voice by making others with better voices enhance their talents and presence in the online world, for example.  There are a lot of online courses now available to do just that and you will be amazed by what potential there is in you to harness this revolution.

Try to think of a website you frequently visit.  What is the reason you keep checking that one out?  Is it the way they’ve created their page? The colors and the animation that goes with it?  Or what makes you appreciate a page as being authentic and legit? Chances are they constantly refresh their content so you know they are up-to-date with the latest goings-on.

Let me tell you, you can do that too by enrolling and learning in our Web Design Course and be an enviable creator with a global reach!

Learn Web Design Today!

This course is great for aspiring or current Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, Website Managers, Web Designers, and Business entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build and design their own website.

Training Coverage:

  1. Understanding Web Design and WordPress
  2. Exploring the cPanel and Installing WordPress
  3. Exploring the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  4. Web Designing using Page Builders
  5. Building a Landing Page and Basic Email Marketing
  6. Create an Online Shop with WooCommerce
  7. Building a Membership Site
  8. Basic SEO
  9. Basic HTML and CSS
  10. Marketing and Growing your Business

Our course comes with:
* 10 recorded coaching sessions
* 2 live coaching sessions
* Learning teams
* Personalized feedbacking
* Lifetime assistance
* With online certification after course completion
* Free OJT/apprenticeship
* Hiring referrals to FVA agency partners
* In-house hiring opportunity via our global brand, Surge


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