The importance of Owning a Website as a Freelancer

Let’s take a world tour first. I know the airports are locked down at the moment. But we can always use our imagination, shall we?

According to statistics, as of January 01, 2020 there are about 8 billion people around the world.

Out of that huge number, there are about 4.54 billion people who were active internet users, encompassing 59% of the global population. Active social media users have passed the 3.8 billion mark with this number increasing by more than 9% where there are 321 million new users since this time last year.

Imagine how vast the internet can travel around your workstation if you have your own website.

According to, there are 1,744,517,326 websites as of January 1, 2020. This means there are only a few people building and owning their own websites which can be visited by billions of people as an audience. Look at the advantage on your part if you happened to own one, you can actually sell a lot with fewer competitors around.

On the other hand, however, the population of website owners might be massively lower than of the total internet users, websites owned by businesses may be big or small, are surely competitive. Why? Simply because website builders are skilled. They don’t just build from nothing. They studied it.

That’s why there are a lot of courses offered like FVA Web Design Course to educate the people how important this matter is if you are in actual business or is planning to have your own business and gain more customers, audience or another client may be.

Your online presence is a must in today’s trend for business. People are interacting more around the internet that might be your ACE. It is a plus factor that people will recognize you through your very own website.

Here are some of the factors which you might consider to convince yourself about owning a website:

Character and Branding

Imagine this 4 Billion audience which might get you interested. Let’s say only half of it or even a quarter of it, the audience I am talking about is not just a crowd. It’s a whole lot of people searching and looking randomly around the internet. Out of 10 possibilities, you have 8-9 people whom you might get their attention to.

That’s where your character should enter. Who you are and what you are capable of in your branding, become your internet presence. It’s like, you have a wide land area, then you planted it with lavender flowers. The aromatic and relaxing smell of lavenders will lead the people to come to your farm.

Your branding becomes your edge from others. We all might be the same by having these websites, but your branding with character will define your edge. The leverage is obviously a head-turner. So when it comes to branding, make sure it has a character. Demonstrate what you can offer, make it catchy, and just go-over with your competitors.


Website ownership and how you display your branding to your audience is actually an initial factor that you are reliable. Your reputation will depend on how you handle your audience who would one day become your leads, your prospects, and eventually your clients and raving fans.

Once you have a website, it’s like you are the school principal. The faculty depends on your leadership. And that leadership must have consistency so members of the faculty will follow you.

As a freelancer, you need to become consistent. It is also best to become innovative or increase your knowledge to maintain your reliability.

You may ask your clients suggestions and opinions too. Keep communicating with your client as well. You might be the best freelancer yourself, but your credibility and reputation always depend on your attitude towards handling your tasks and never forget how you handle your clients. You don’t want to get jobless, do you?

Maintain a good reputation by being credible. Maintaining reliability by maintaining ideas and skills. Maintain both by respecting your clients and their needs.

Skills and Competence

This is basic. If you are lacking in skills, then you can’t build a website. So how can you be competitive, right? STUDY. FVA Web Design Course can help you with this.

Skills and competence are reflected on your website. Remember “on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”. If there’s a genius dog who can build a website and this site has become the most favorite of all clients, nobody knows who does it.

That’s why you reflect on your skills and competence by building the best website that you could own. Who you are, reflect it by showing what it is to the audience.

It’s like fashion and confidence. Your beauty is seen through your website. So you must put your make-up on in it. The physical attraction matters after all.


The usual factor to make a website unique from others despite offering the same services or maybe products as well is your projection. As above-mentioned, your website is your physical beauty. Your website is your face. Become distinct. Become exotic so people can see you. The uniqueness, the cleverness, and the clarity of your website call attention. So be very conscious of how you look.

Also, do not just be technical and show what skills you have, also display the things that you are capable of doing. You may post vlogs, photos of your personal life once in a while so you can engage with your audience. Show your effort on how you market a simple drink by doing a vlog, express your travels, your mood, your food, your opinion to current events, etc. With these things and the rest which are a lot more, will communicate and attract clients. These things usually are the most appealing nowadays. Vlogs, contents, and photos on your website are the latest trends. So own one and introduce yourself.


You are giving people the right access to your capabilities. A website can help you build a business. Clients will access you right away and assess your skills by checking your site.

Websites are the usual things clients are checking when they’re hiring. You could get hired if you are accessible and reachable enough.

Business websites build credibility with contacts. The more you are visible to them, the more they trust you. A website with its own domain is preferred by clients. Why? The identity is there, it is not generic, and makes emails more credible. It is your online identity and it is a very powerful tool to communicate with your leads.

With your own website, there are no limits to what you can do. By enrolling at FVA Web Design Course, you can be one of these exemplary web builders who are now in-demand online. It is easier to get hired when you have a credible base like having your website.

Learn Web Design Today!

This course is great for aspiring or current Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, Website Managers, Web Designers, and Business entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build and design their own website.

Training Coverage:

  • Understanding Web Design and WordPress
  • Exploring the CPanel and Installing WordPress
  • Exploring the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Web Designing using Page Builders
  • Building a Landing Page and Basic Email Marketing
  • Building an Online Shop with WooCommerce
  • Create a Membership Site
  • Basic SEO
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Marketing and Growing your Business


  • 10 recorded lessons
  • 2 live sessions
  • With online certification after course completion
  • Free apprenticeship and hiring opportunities

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