The Downside of Work From Home

A lot of employers and employees are mostly staying at home. With the threat of COVID-19, none of us knows how long this “new normal” is going to be. To some, this may not be entirely new, but to most, needless to say, it’s brand new. Although this current set-up may come with perks and brings a much safer environment, it also comes with a downside of work from home.

The downside of Work from Home:


  • Technical difficulties – may it be because of our home-based internet connection or limited gadget capacity; complications arising from this new set-up is inevitable. 
  • Minute distractions – being home means being in the neighborhood, with small disruptions such as the dog next door casually barking at any point of the day and mildly diverting your attention. As well as cars, motorcycles, and the like, creating a bellowing sound and disturbing you.
  • Lack of human interaction – having a 9-5 job wasn’t easy, but with colleagues physically present, the workload was less, we were able to de-stress. Being isolated and locked-up in your bedroom (as your new office) could feel a bit tedious and dreary.
  • Work-life imbalance – wfh (work from home) doffed off our option to be a professional during the day and a comfortable social butterfly at night; this causes asymmetry to what we try to achieve in maintaining a healthy daily routine.
  • Scrambled routine – with the new normal, scheduled breaks and overtime are being disrupted; the usual lunch at noon could be moved a few hours later because of unforeseen events, and unplanned overtime could be much frequent due to unfinished tasks.

We may find ourselves a little frustrated and a bit less productive with these disadvantages. However, with the pandemic, any health-risk activities (mass gathering, close contact, etc.) should be avoided in the meantime. Staying at home may come with drawbacks, but it is much safer and better in the long run. 

How’s this WFH set-up with you? Do you experience these hiccups as well? If you experience other than these, feel free to share some below.

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