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Following the series of business reactions during this pandemic, a lot of professionals and business people are transitioning online to keep going. I know you noticed it too. As what they say is “Business As Usual”. With this mindset, all of the frozen and the rest of the affected businesses as the economy is collapsing, professionals have to step up and get economy moving.

Others might proceed with the usual job and others with have to go back in business, while others quit the usual job or lose a job during this period but is moving into building a new business. But!

How will you start a small business?

The very first thing that you should have in mind is the CORRECT ATTITUDE. This is towards dealing with “Online Strategies”. Not everyone makes it online especially this is something digital and global.

You have to figure your interest and your niche.

Whether you are offering products or services, you need to have a decision on the “What  do you want to build

How can you make yourself or your business visible?

For some obvious reason, you need to have:

  1. Social Media Platforms. Make, Do, and Deal business using your own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, or even LinkedIn and more. Social Media Platforms are where most of your audience including your family and friends who can help you spread your business through subscription, liking, reacting and following.

Note, not because you’re going organic means you can’t sell. Not so sure about that. Because a lot of online businesses are booming in social media even though organic campaigns. They just have the right audience. Which means you can do it too.

You can increase your reach and impressions by:

  • Checking your audiences and show that you care.
  • Respond to comments quickly and try to react with your audience.
  • Make video interactions to extend support. Say, for example, this current “uncertainty”.
  1. A Website.  The best place for your niche and your correct audience is through having a website. This is by far the best way to sell products and offer services too. Why? Because you are more trusted and more reliable when you have one. Compared to social media selling, a business using your website is more credible, and also the customers/clients can keep their privacy and so are you. All reactions, information, and data are stored inside your circle. It can never go public unless you permit to.

Now, let’s say for example that you already possess the right attitude and you also have your social media platforms and website too. How will you start? What businesses can you do?

Guidance to help the business


Allow me to help you figure that. Let me suggest a few possible businesses which have a greater impact online:

1. BUSINESS CONSULTANCY – This goes out to most Freelancers and Virtual Assistants who have their respective niches. Like for example a SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER who can manage different platforms. These period, every business is considering remote operations already and they need virtual expertise for the smooth business transition to digital processes. You can provide your niche of expertise with the best tools to digitize different processes and develop strategies for effective marketing campaigns.

2. DIGITAL MARKETING – Offline deals have become obsolete in split seconds. This means marketing digitally is more preferred now especially by business sectors. You can help businesses reach out to their target customers through online channels. Thus, easy to monetize. If you build a decent client base, you are good to go in digital business.

3. ONLINE TEACHING – Oh well, have you heard about DepEd’s new normal? Schooling using gadgets is one of the schooling options. Aside from ESL which has been going on for years, Online schooling in the Philippines is also very in demand now. Try searching for parents who need some tutors for their kids. You can connect with them through online webinars and video sessions to explain different concepts effectively.

4. FREELANCING – There is an undeniably huge demand for freelancing tasks related to translation, copywriting, content writing, video editing, graphic designing, and the like. Be present in job sites like OLJ, Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer to get freelancing projects based on your niche. Take note of a good reputation in dealing with your clients. So your projects become continuous.

Consistent Improvement your Blogging,

5. VLOGGING – YouTube is the main factor for this. Own a YouTube channel if you like taking and making videos of your own. The platform is there, so make the most of it. Whether you are into food, interior designing, gardening, dancing or art & crafts, create professional-quality videos to get followers on YouTube. This YouTube marketing small business idea can become your consistent revenue stream in the future. A lot of vloggers are earning thousands and thousands of pesos by just being themselves on the platform and sharing what they can uniquely do and grow on their business.

6. BLOGGING – If you love to express your ideas through words and know how SERP works, it’s time to start your own blog page. A blog page is a good revenue source, as you can earn through affiliated ads and sponsored posts.

7. PRODUCT SELLING – If you can create masks and gloves in bulk, it’s one of the best ways to generate some income at these difficult times. This is so huge in the Philippines nowadays. Mask making and creating alternative sanitizers and sanitation projects. You can sell hand-made products to strengthen the government’s campaign against the pandemic. As you go along, you will evolve in your business strategies. So make this period a good start.

8. ARTS AND CRAFTS – This is focused on your passion. So why not earn while enjoying your passion? It’s time to explore your creativity and turn it into a profession. Use the unused items in your house to create different art and craft products, which you can sell to your contacts, your neighbors, those living in your society, etc. You can also start your own website and social media pages to increase the reach online.

Learn to build your own business.

9. BARTER – Not only money can create good business. You may also go back in time where people exchange things to deal with. Through barter pages like FB barter community, you can start introducing yourself by how you deal with people inside this specific group. Build yourself and your business for a start by tagging along with your page in each and every deal you post.

10. PLANTS AND SUCCULENTS – a lot of people are going gaga with these beautiful and exotic succulents and potted plants nowadays. Grab this season to deal with a business with plants. You can increase your audience if you are into nature-loving. Besides you can hit 2 birds with one stone through it. Earning and Helping Mother Nature recover more.

11. REFERRAL PROGRAMS – Many companies have their own referral programs, which you can join for free. Their business model is such that you earn some amount of commission on every lead you share or product you sell. This is a great earning source for those who have strong networking skills.

12. WEB DESIGNING – People are starting their own website, getting into new home-based businesses, making their own blog pages, and a lot more at the time of lockdown. If you are into website designing, you can easily take up freelancing projects and help other businesses flourish.

Web designing is one of the best niche and one of the in-demand especially nowadays that a lot of businesses are dealing online and going digital. FVA Web Design Course can absolutely help you with this. We just don’t learn to build your own site here but also other tools you can use in building your own business.

Start a small one, and evolve as you go along. Learn Freelancing, Learn Virtual Assistance, Learn Website Building.

Learn Web Design Today!

This course is great for aspiring or current Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, Website Managers, Web Designers, and Business entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build and design their own website.

Training Coverage:

  • Understanding Web Design and WordPress
  • Exploring the CPanel and Installing WordPress
  • Exploring the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Web Designing using Page Builders
  • Building a Landing Page and Basic Email Marketing
  • Building an Online Shop with WooCommerce
  • Create a Membership Site
  • Basic SEO
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Marketing and Growing your Business


  • 10 recorded lessons
  • 2 live sessions
  • With online certification after course completion
  • Free apprenticeship and hiring opportunities


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