Setting Up Your Home Office as a Web Designer

Are you having trouble setting up your own office at home? As a web designer, it is a must that you have your own office especially if you are home-based.

Meanwhile, it gives you comfort of having flexibility when it comes to time management and being able to bond with loved ones at home. Also, having your own space for work gives you focus and proper attention to details, and concentration on your tasks. It is as well the biggest contributor of efficiency and productivity given you are in a non-traditional work environment.

Even if being confined at home might get you either too comfortable because you have freedom in all aspects, may it be clothing styles, break time and non-commuting; however, it can make your work less credible if you are not paying enough attention as to what are the necessities in setting up your own workstation.

It is a must that you need to separate business from personal life. So, HOW WILL YOU SET-UP A HOME OFFICE? What are the necessities?

Below are a few steps on how to declutter your space and finally have your own simple workstation at home as a web designer.


It’s like being in an office. You just have what you need. So, whatever your needs as a web designer, you must establish such requirements, as well. You might need the following:

  1. A desk for your computer/laptop;
  2. Your chair;
  3. A file cabinet for your documents; and
  4. A separate table where you can place your snacks. I understand most people working like web designers, drink coffee more often.

Now, choose a quiet area as your workstation as much as possible. Again, it is unavoidable that we are sharing our homes with our loved ones. Thus, this tip is very important.


As you choose your workstation area at home, make sure you have access to good lighting. While we can have as many light bulbs as we can, it is still very much advisable if you can have the workstation where the natural light comes from during the day. The cold light from sunlight gives you more energy, thus improves your alertness during the day. Nothing beats the ability of mother nature in nurturing our health so grab the chance since it is free.


Have a dedicated phone. Avoid confusing your clients with your contact information. Have a dedicated phone number and phone line at home. This is solely dedicated to your business. Truly, you can attract and retain clients because you have a professional contact phone set-up.



Having clients and already earning as a web designer, already means business. It is advisable to have a separate bank account as your business bank account. Therefore, avoid spilling your personal account with your business account so you can monitor your finances better. More importantly, you can save better if you have a separate business account.

These tips I mentioned above are the continuation of the tips I have already shared on my website. You may visit, look for the article The Essential Set-Up of a Home-Based Web Designer.

Fully segmenting your business life from your personal life can make you focus better. Nothing beats a well-organized and decluttered room, time, money and files. Practice these tips everyday as you grow as a web designer. They can really help you achieve a more efficient and productive day.

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