Online Training and Consultation


Need personal guidance in starting up your Freelancing career or Online Business? Let me help you get started.

If you prefer a type of Coaching that is done Live and in Real-Time, this is for you!

This is a weekly live actual Online Coaching and Consultation for 2 months where I’ll take time to personally guide you step by step, train you in real-time, and answer immediately any questions you may have about starting up as a Freelancer, Virtual Assistant, or Online Entrepreneur. I will be consistently following up on your progress until you become successful in your journey.

We will discuss the following topics that cover the different types of Digital Marketing strategies you can apply in starting up your Freelancing journey or running a business online:

  1. Introduction to Working Online – First session is FREE
  2. Business Branding (Graphics Design) / Understanding Web Design and WordPress
  3. WordPress Installation and Admin Setup
  4. Web Designing using Page Builders
  5. Building an Online Shop
  6. Content Writing and Search Engine Optimization
  7. Building a Landing Page and Email Marketing
  8. Social Media Management and Marketing
  9. Applying as a Freelancer / Marketing your Business

You may either start with a FREE 15-minute consultation with me or a Weekly Online Training for only Php 700 per week!

Book for an Online Training and Consultation today!

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