Online Freelancing for Beginners

Online Freelancing for Beginners

With the unprecedented challenges faced today by jobs and businesses, there are new options to pursue. As the world transitions to more digitally-oriented ways to enable the continuation of industries despite the limitations imposed by the current pandemic, opportunities emerge for alternative work solutions.

The “gig” economy has evolved to become a staple of daily life in this new normal and is showing signs of staying for the long term. Defined as a free-market system of independent workers fulfilling short-term job positions from anywhere in the world and done remotely through digitization. 

This is the realm of freelancers. The flexibility that online-based work offers enables businesses to hire a skilled operator almost immediately and results can be expected very quickly because of the various skills and mobility of this workforce.

How to take that first step  

You do not need a specific degree to become a freelancer. Do you think you are good at writing or enjoy designing web pages, for example? Think of a marketable skill you are confident with and one that can meet a demand online and develop it.

Online resources enable you to explore available opportunities that can make use of an ability, talent or skill you might have. Browse popular online job sites such as Upwork or to get an idea of what clients typically look for to fill a requirement. You might be amazed at what remote working can achieve.

Once you’ve chosen a competency you are willing to work with, consider online courses that can enhance and optimize it for the digital workspace. Freelancing can be very competitive and it helps if you focus on a particular skill set. That way, the challenges are manageable and your clients will see it through the quality of your work.

Invest in Good Equipment

Online work and the evolution of dedicated software for efficient interaction with clients call for the right equipment for the job. Pay particular attention to specifications such as processor speeds and disc drive capacities. Files can be large with accompanying graphics that require fast computing power. Not just any hardware can do the job.

Consider the portability of a laptop or some upgrade advantages of desktops for the kind of freelancing you intend to do. Are you the type that gets your creative juices flowing in a coffee shop or are you better off working in your home office? There are many options available for almost any preference.

A very important ingredient in the digital workspace is connectivity. Consider a high-speed fiber internet connection for almost instant response time and better exchange of ideas. Take note that certain clients require this type of connection from their freelancers so it is worth starting with this right away.

Be Willing to Start at the Bottom

As you transition into freelancing, expect your career to begin with a grinding start. That way, you are better equipped to enjoy every single accomplished milestone knowing you are building up your portfolio one success at a time.

Besides, the online workforce is filled with people sharing the same skills as you; so proving your edge can and will take time.

Learn to enjoy the little things and work to make them add up to become a beacon of success. Stay focused and be patient; hard work is always rewarded.

Be Honest and Fair

Let’s face it: a major incentive of working online is pay. Be it as an additional income source or as the sole source of financial independence, being paid is what got you into this in the first place. Despite the temptations that setting your price may bring or a client’s offer can be too good to resist, be honest to yourself with what you can deliver.

If a requirement exceeds your abilities or resources, learn to say no and move on. If your words can hide it, the quality of your work will show it.

Continuous development

Remember that the freelancing field is very competitive. One has to keep learning and aim for the best results all the time. Always think that someone out there is better than you and to at least remain relevant as an independent operator, one has to keep up with the latest trends and developments.

Accept that change is inevitable and now that more businesses transition to online work outsourcing, changes happen in an instant. Keeping up has never been so easy and challenging at the same time.

Still Undecided? How about Web Designing, for Starters?

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This course is great for aspiring or current Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, Website Managers, Web Designers, and Business entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build and design their own website.

Training Coverage:

  1. Understanding Web Design and WordPress
  2. Exploring the cPanel and Installing WordPress
  3. Exploring the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  4. Web Designing using Page Builders
  5. Building a Landing Page and Basic Email Marketing
  6. Create an Online Shop with WooCommerce
  7. Building a Membership Site
  8. Basic SEO
  9. Basic HTML and CSS
  10. Marketing and Growing your Business

Our course comes with:
* 10 recorded coaching sessions
* 2 live coaching sessions
* Learning teams
* Personalized feedbacking
* Lifetime assistance
* With online certification after course completion
* Free OJT/apprenticeship
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* In-house hiring opportunity via our global brand, Surge


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