Most Common Mistakes By Freelancer

On my previous blog, I shared with you how to start your freelancing journey. We all get excited when we do it for the first time. It’s like for fresh graduates we are happy about landing on our job. We are like a gun firing in all directions without a target. To avoid mistakes, we must create a path/plan to overcome the obstacles.

Let me share with you the most common mistakes by a freelancer that you should avoid starting being more productive.

  • Lack of Portfolios

    – As a freelancer, we need to have a lot of portfolios, to prove that we did the jobs or projects in the past. Also, without a portfolio, we will not get the attention of our clients, or we will not be shortlisted fit in the job.

  • Lack of Time

    – We all know we have only 24 hours in a day. Being a freelancer, we must be good at time management. We must be flexible with our work schedule. Also, we need to balance our daily life while meeting the deadline for our projects.

  • Lack of Focus

    – When we’re working at home, it is easy for us to get distracted because we have all the things divert our attention like tv, surfing the net, playing consoles, watching NetFlix, etc. It is okay to take breaks every once and a while, however, we should avoid things that will make us less productive.

  • Lack of Communication

    – In all aspects, we know communication is the key to success in this industry. We need to communicate with our teammates and clients. 

  • Lowering Income Expectations

    – There is nothing wrong with having great expectations when it comes to your rates. You know what kind of skills and expertise you can offer to your client, you shouldn’t lower them especially if you can prove to your client they’ll get their money’s worth.

Now you know the most common mistakes by freelancer. Whenever you find yourself landing with these sticky situations, make sure to be cautious and avoid them as much as possible for better freelancing experience. 

Do you notice other common mistakes by freelancers and would like to share them? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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