Low Budget Ways for a Small Business to Master Digital Marketing

Low Budget Ways for a Small Business to Master Digital Marketing

Low Budget Ways for a Small Business to Master Digital Marketing

Are you cost-conscious and looking for ways to keep to a budget while still mastering digital marketing online? You are in luck as we have some low-budget ways for your small business to achieve just that. Luckily, digital marketing is an ever-changing world. Here we have different ways to help promote your brand while keeping costs low. 

Make use of the free google my business account

One of the effective digital free marketing strategies available for any small business is Google My Business. Get a free listing for your business to display on Google Maps and the local Google search. There is also a knowledge panel allowing for branded searches. To show up higher on Google Maps or the local results, you need to optimize your profile. 

You can do this by claiming your business and completing each section available. Make sure to select primary and secondary categories and fill in all the needed contact information. Further, publish weekly posts with photos and make sure to answer the questions. Add your products/services, set up messaging, and keep your business profile maintained.

Build your social community

Promote your product/services online by asking for comments on your blog or create a Facebook or LinkedIn group. You can even use other media channels to start conversing with your followers. Create multi-purpose content to share to these social platforms to link back to your website. 

You can record a video, do a podcast with a host such as PodBean, or an Infographics with a site like Venngage to provide a visual display that is interesting for visitors to see. If you have loyal customers or neighboring companies, you can broaden your organic reach by tagging people/brands on social media. 

Make Use of the #

A free digital marketing tool is making use of the hashtag to broaden your reach. You can use it in your social posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By doing this, it helps reinforce your brand’s identity. Use specific hashtags like using long-tail keywords to provide advice or resources. Using location-based hashtags is a plus if you have a local business, and do not forget those custom hashtags. 

Do local SEO 

The service is free for all to use but can take time, and best to start now. Make sure to add location-based keywords to your title, body content, headings, and main website pages. Get your business listed on directories online, making sure the information is identical with other platforms. Create blog posts and publish pages that are tailored to the neighborhood you provide a service.

Utilize free tools 

We already mentioned Venngage before and you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to get the design and brand you want for your business. You can even create a free logo with www.logocreator.io to make you stand out from the crowd. 

However you want to digitally market yourself, check to see if there is a free tool available such as Animoto for those that want to make videos. You’ll be surprised at how much marketing can be done without spending a cent. 

Final Thoughts 

Low budget marketing methods aren’t limited to the digital world either. You can use guerilla marketing to plaster custom stickers on your urban décor or use a deserted storefront as your work of art to make people strolling by turnaround and look again. 

Whatever way you market yourself, look at ways that you can be creative with not only your budget but your content too. As we’ve looked at here, there are many brilliant ways to market your business without breaking the bank. 

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