In the Age of Social Media, a Website Arise

The Age of Social Media is jumping into digital marketing, as a freelancer you have to strategize what are your needs and the needs of your target market. Given social media is in the hot-trend, how do you introduce your product/services, given social media platforms only have limited functionalities which you could use to aim on your target markets?

It sounds complicated to you, I understand. Oh well, I can hear you saying Social Media marketing is better and easier and it’s a free and available platform.

Website? You still have to build it. You can sell products and services without it. So “NO THANKS”. Yeah, I hear you. But give me some time to explain the leveraging first, so you can figure how a website can make a reliable freelancer in the eyes of your clients.

Find out how owning a website could give you the edge in the market and digital industry, by defining the difference between WEBSITE OWNERSHIP vs SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. Why is it necessary to have your own website in this kind of age?

Why do freelancers and business entrepreneurs are still advised to own a website?

Here are some of the lists that I can define for you, so you can figure out the pros and cons of both.


Website: The narrative is controlled. Your decision as to what and when to send anything to your audience’s social media platforms is up to you.

Social Media: Your branding is unclear.


Website: Your branding and your objectives are definitive. People can read right away what are you offering. Your branding is also customizable. You are in absolute control of everything.

Social Media: Interfacing is very limited. You just depend on the platform’s functionalities available.


Website: You know you have a home. When you go to your website, you know you can sleep well inside it. It seemed like you have your own bed and own privacy to have a sound sleep. The whole house is yours.

Social Media: An absolute marketing tool. People come and go. Even the non-targets can get in. Your audience must be in public so people can see you. So it’s like a shed, you can’t put walls in it. Because if you do, how can you sell?


Website: The insights you gained from your audience can be analyzed clearly because you are inside a room with clear marketing. You can identify right away your user behaviours and the segmentation is easier.

Social Media: The functionalities of social media is only limited to its availability. Thus, it makes sense if your insights will also depend on it. Sometimes, business entrepreneurs cannot rely on the insights unless it is their only marketing tool used, they have no choice but to rely on its traffic analytics.


It is undeniable that social media is indeed the easiest way to use than building a website. I mean, why would you complicate such a thing when there is a tool easier to use, right? They say KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Alright, I got it. The simpler, the better. Therefore, as a freelancer make your life worth it then. Find out WHY I can say that WEBSITE is way easier and defy your belief that social media is. I made a boxing ring for you and I made sure that the website is Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Not just because he is the best boxer in his time, but I know I can convert you into a fan now.


Half of the world’s population I think uses social media. (I remember I posted the statistics in my previous article). More so, it is guaranteed you have an available audience. And you won’t have the difficulty in building an empire.

So let’s review it first:


  • Very easy to set-up.
  • It is free.
  • Global access to both potential markets and direct audience.
  • Branding displays are accessible by anyone.
  • Real-time engagements
  • Customer reviews can be seen right away.
  • Interaction is easy. Thus, you can gain loyalty from your followers right away.
  • Business transactions are fast. Just a message away.
  • Networking is easy since connections are on an unlimited chain.
  • Market Research is no problem. It is way easier on social media.
  • An increase in sales is possible to go higher.
  • SEO ranking can possibly get really high


  • You don’t own your own branding. The platform controls you.
  • Dependence on the layout available. You can’t customize in accordance with your preference.
  • Your content could mean no engagement at all.
  • Spamming is uncontrollable
  • No control of mentioning and sharing your page
  • Highly competitive. You will struggle to leverage.
  • Reporting is very dependent on the platform itself.
  • High-speed responses, you will get buried. Thus, your daily monitoring becomes inaccurate.
  • Negative feedback is seen by everyone. So even how reliable your market is, there is a tendency your audience will believe what they read making you somehow as a scammer.
  • No proper segmentation. You have to go public or you won’t sell anything.

Once you have your own website, you are in full control of everything. From the filtering to the monitoring. You have the privacy to keep and the markets to leverage and most of all, It’s like being known, but only the VIPs can access.


  • Branding identity is strong and clear. Having your own domain is readable to anyone. Thus, it makes a lot of sense why clients and audiences can rely on you.
  • Strategic Marketing is way superior. You can build your own branding through your vlogs, blogs, and any form of content without relying on what’s only the available tool.
  • Since you have full control, you can track your site. You can do in-depth analysis and reporting traffic analytics, and insights where you are sure accurate 
  • Your sales can be visibly increased. Once the target markets are in and your SEO is strong, your sales are absolutely there to make your day.


  • You have to build it. It is not as easy as social media where you only need to provide the required fields, save and good to go.
  • You have to have maintenance. Website builders have a lot to offer but it is always you who need to track it every now and then or else it will get crashed.
  • Your marketing strategies have to be doubled or tripled. Meaning, you need to take a lot of effort to do it. Besides, NO PAIN-NO GAIN.
  • It takes time before you can even display your branding. The building consumes your time first before you can say you are good to display everything. Like a baby, you have to conceive 9 months before you can even hold your precious angel of perfection. All beautiful things always take time to become perfect.

If you want to live an easier life, you go the easy way and get lucky. In as easy as filling out the required fields, and voila! You have your page. It’s like an overnight success where you can get lucky in one shot. On the other hand, there is conception. The molding and formation take a lot of time and effort. You get to spend too to make it more work.

Let alone the metamorphosis. The photosynthesis. Humans. The Bible. From the first day of conception up to the labor day and delivery, you are about to see your own baby. Imagine how much effort, feeding, nutrition, and deprivation you can count inside the 9-month human conception? I may sound imaginative but we all know that when something is molded in time, it is always worth the wait. Just like how God unfolds each of us, it always takes some time. And once we are let go of, we are steadfast and really strong.

Back to the topic (I get too deep already) so in summary, you both need these digital mechanisms to operate your business online. You need social media to add-in your connections. You need a WEBSITE to leverage yourself and become reliable.  Only when a client can see your own domain, shall he believe that you are authentic. Social media has a lot of scammers.

So if you want to stand-out more, build your own website. Grab the free access and build one. Start from there and find out the unlimited opportunities it can offer you as a freelancer.

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