How to Manage Rejections as a Freelance Web Designer

Life is not a bed of roses as they say, and rejections as a Web Designer are part of it. It covers all the spices of life to make it more colorful and tasty. Most of all, it plays a greater part in our growth as a person, and as a whole.

As a freelancer, especially a Web Designer, this is common. Exposure to internet presence is very prone to different people of different opinions. Maybe in this phase of your life, you have already been through things like:

  1. Negative comments
  2. Wrong judgment
  3. Unsupported
  4. Unfollowed, Unsubscribed, No response
  5. Not being hired – which is the most painful part

Overcome Depression

So how can we overcome depression in the stage of rejections? According to Filipino Virtual Assistance, there are 5 things which are basically suggested especially to freelancers:


– In all instances, acceptance and acknowledgement to what is real is the key to lighten up the burden. We can never please everybody. Apart from this spare some space for critics, especially the rude ones. These kinds of people exist and that’s a reality.

  1. LET IT GO

– Free yourself from too much pain of depressing rejections, and divert negative feelings into something worth your while.


– Do what makes you happy, and spend time with yourself, and your loved ones. Your own kind of joy is what matters most, and it will make you grow more by not depending on anybody else’s acceptance.


– Enjoy the game of ups and downs. Obviously, rejection as I have mentioned earlier is part of our lives.  Improve yourself by accepting things as they are. Take things like a truly mature person.


– Not all rejections are negative. It only means that you have to strive more. Improve what needs to, and develop what you have to. Let rejection motivate you to grow a little more day by day.

Don’t let your rejection break you

Let rejection mold you into the best version of yourself. Fall 7, stand up 8. Accept rejections, play along with it, let it develop more your potentials, stand-up, remove all the dust, and try again.

It is very hurting if you dream to become someone you are now and the world is rejecting you. If being a Web Designer is your greatest dream, and you are almost becoming one. Suddenly someone says you don’t fit to become one. That’s devastating, isn’t it?

No one knows your own hardships of becoming a web designer but you and the people running the same kind of business. Whatever the rejections are, take it from the experts “Your fellow designers won’t make negative comments against you, unless it is for the better”. Only people who have no same interest and business as you do will have the most negative comments.

Let me introduce you to some of the things most Web Designers have encountered so as to make you enlightened that you are not the only person who gets through it. Most freelancers get through tough times like you. As a Web Designer freelancer, there are 3 identified types of rejections that we are most likely able to face:

1: Failed to get hired/Denied of the project

Being eliminated from the project, and not being able to get the job stings like a bee. It really hurts, especially knowing how much potential you could offer. It makes you feel like “What could possibly have gone wrong?”, why you were not selected?

On the other hand, have you ever thought of something like, because of being rejected you might have saved yourself from having a real bad situation? Sometimes, rejection could mean you are being deprived of being on the bad side of life. Here are a few things that are healthy to think about so you won’t get yourself down too much:

  • You’re too early to save yourself from bad clients
  • You have ample period to develop yourself more
  • You’ll understand better what’s in demand
  • You’ll be able to fix your portfolios and resume and notice the necessary items

I know, these things above-mentioned may not be able to erase how you feel after rejection, but at least these will make you realize some things. These will lift you a little bit, and accept things as they are just like how other Freelance Web Designers are able to get through. These items will make you feel that you are not alone in that kind of depressing feeling.

2: The Client Trash Out Your Work

What could be more insulting is when your work is not acknowledged and wasted. Unfortunately, there’s no way that you can please everyone, especially clients who have this kind of bossy attitude. There are also clients who are not bossy, where you get excited to submit your masterpiece and then suddenly the project was not even close to satisfactory.

Let’s face it, even if the constructive criticism is, it can make us feel undeniably rejected.

If this is the case, why not make a plan or list, which you can identify and enumerate some things to minimize the rejection that we are all trying to avoid? My suggestions are:

  • Always ask the preferences of clients. Ask them what kind of output they would prefer to come out, and that includes the lookup to the navigation process and the back-end process.
  • Make it a point to submit wireframes. Submit your pre-processed output, and show it to your client. If he has anything in mind, he would most likely suggest. With this, you will become more enlightened to adopt them in your second phase.
  • Ask for a detailed contract regarding the project, and read the agreement and always be specific before you ever sign.
  • Set your goals by phases. Submission is better if you do it gradually, and make improvements as the client gets along with every phase.

Also bear in mind that even if you did these things above, and you still get rejected, there are always clients who are hard to please. It might be you are the last person to encounter him. So don’t be too ridiculous to think that you are not a good Web Designer, because you got rejected or your work is even close to satisfactory.

3: Comments and Reactions coming from negative people

I have my own fair share of criticisms, and that is normal. Being exposed to Social Media and blogging means you are open to any possibilities. Comment trolls are included in this kind of possibilities.

If you don’t know what a comment troll is, it’s a reader who leaves extremely negative (and often off-topic) comments on a blog post, video, social media post or other online material. They take advantage of the internet world being no face-to-face contact, and comment trolls often post negative things online that they would never say in reality.

Trolls are the reasons why there are strict policies in most social media platforms. We cannot blame these platforms, because they are actually trying to protect social media netizens from too much anger and chaos in the internet world.

As a coach, I appreciate students who put on their passion and heart in their work. Only when you put your passion into it, you will feel down when rejected. It could only mean that you care about your job. You care about your work. It is just a matter of perspective. Accept the fact that you are now a freelancer doing a Web Designing job. Accept the challenges along with it and just move on every time you encounter unlikely things like Rejections.

One of the best things that you can have as back-up as a Web Designer, is to have a coach to guide you through it all. Coaches may not all be perfect. They can help you form some guidelines, and draft yourself as you start your journey in freelancing.

We at FVA, are like a family. And as a coach myself, I also learn a lot from my students. Polish your freelancing journey with us.

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Final word: Any form of rejection and bullying is part of life. Don’t let them destroy you. As a freelancer, you are free to fly. Not drown yourself in the wrong perspectives.

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