How to Get Noticed By Clients Using Social Media Platforms

Let’s face it, Social Media is the easiest way to meet the right audience and lead them to your website, and that, of course, includes your target clients. In short, as a freelancer, it is significant to take your necessary steps in having a perfect bait. Your contents say it all.

In this article, we are going to tackle the necessary strategies a freelancer should take in order to attract clients using social media platforms. The correct implementation and the right way to communicate using your platforms will get you one or more and that is guaranteed true because a lot of freelancers already got hired without even submitting applications, only by just being an effective social media presence which created ideal networking.

How will you do that?

Here are a few of the best strategies which you can apply to your social media presence and become a magnet of opportunities.

1. Post Your Contents in Public

Whatever you share on your social media platforms is called content. This may be either moving or non-moving. This can include photos, images, videos, infographics, articles, status updates, or audio. With correct hashtags and keywords, these contents will lead you to the correct audience and can be your best way as teasers to the rightful clients, especially if you shared them in public.

The contents make your brand identifiable and noticeable, for this reason, it is very important to make it conversational and something that proves your expertise. The contents you shared have their own respective ways of how to carefully share them. I’ll cite some examples so you can relate.


A lot of websites like FVA Web Design Course create their own special blogs and write articles related and reflected only in the niche it specializes in which is obviously website designing. Anything related to the niche, with reflections on the new trends and any modernizations in Information technology, the blogs, and articles we post are all up-to-date.

These articles/blogs are also promoted on all our social media platforms and followed up with our email marketing campaigns and newsletters sent to our rightful audience.

This strategy can get you noticed and people will be able to identify your branding easily as well. Each of your articles and blogs should be conversational as well as, where your audience can react, comment, and share your post. These processes will make you known in your niche. Thus, making your audience acquisition feasible.


 Video content is content that features or includes video. This is undeniably effective for people who are lazy to read articles on social media. With the right content, communication, and great animations and graphics, you can magnet social media peeps and prospects and get hooked to your presentations.

Vlogs are the most liked video presentations on social media. Why? Because most vlogs are relatable, more personal, and modern reflections of everyday life. Animated GIFs are also entertaining. People can easily get emotionally attached to GIFs. Customer testimonials presentations and webinars are also examples of good video content.

You can expand your reach and engagements through social media by creating effective video presentations. If you think you are talented and skilled enough in video creations, give this content sharing a GO.


In these types of content, you may share something provoking but not too political. Anything something on the trend but not quite emotionally draining. It can be something about your lifestyle, freelancing career, suggestions about clearing one’s mind to concentrate and make virtual jobs effective, about close relationships, or anything about building up relationships. Anything to share your ideas or tips in the form of reputable publishings is a great way to make your branding kick-off and become gradually established as time goes by.

2. Become Influential

This kind of strategy is hard-earned. You only become an influential person in social media if your content is shared and your followers and subscribers are increasing. You have to take note that only the kindest influencers with the brightest ideas are more effective in getting closer to their audience. Even without making too much effort, their posts are shared. I know and I understand, we all want this. Now, how do you start doing this?

In consideration that some of your social media audiences are also your family and friends, ask help from these people to share your content. This is a good and effective start.

Have you encountered social media content about being KIND and POLITE? Good courtesy is a perfect attitude to bear anywhere and wherever you are. This is more even on social media. An influential person is a good example of good character. If you perfected this working attitude as a freelancer, your audience will notice your goodness, Thus, making them automatically click that SHARE button will make your content open to all over social media platforms.

Don’t forget to put your brand name on your posts though.

FVA Web Design Course has so many articles for you to get enlightened with the circumstances and enhancements for freelancers like you. You may want to have a visit to our website and discover more of our effective tips to become influential.

3. Become a Member of Any Group Related to Your Niche

Get engaged with people evolving with you with the same interests. Joining highly engaged Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Slack communities, and Twitter chats can help you meet and build relationships with potential clients. Particularly the active groups, you as a freelancer are obliged to get connected. How will you build yourself and your branding if you won’t join groups? Through groups, you will earn so much, from free webinars to potential clients to great sources of networking.

Just be very careful in following the policies, the rules, and the regulations within the group, or else you will scar yourself and will be kicked out. Always take note of good courtesy and the proper attitude of a good professional.

Also, share the contents of other influential people you may know. This is one very effective post people use to reshare and repost.

4. Communicate

Discuss with people and your audience. Reach out to people giving you compliments as if you know each other. Don’t just ignore a simple like or reaction from your social media posts.

Say thank you and always be appreciative. Send private messages if needed, especially with your raving fans. More often than not, if you have the right audience most followers are your potential clients.

So many freelancers were hired because of being communicative, responsive, and appreciative of the simple reactions from their social media contents. As a strategist, be wise enough and treat all the people nicely. Lastly, in making effective communications, ALWAYS BE KIND.

5. Reach your Destination

What does it mean? It is about finding your NEMO. Finding your ideal client. You have to note the following in reaching your destination:

  • Who your ideal client is?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • Where to find them?

The best example of a social media platform with lots of potential clients is LinkedIn. You just have to take notes and study all their activities and always react to their posts. There are a lot of sincere clients on LinkedIn. If this is your destination, consider strategy number 6.

6. Power Up Your Profile

Grab people’s attention by letting them know how you can help them. The very first thing people see is your profile. So you have to take note of how crucial that part of your social media identity is. In that case, make a description of yourself and your niche which can be easily understood, and convey your skills clearly.

Lastly, Don’t forget to post a perfect professional headshot. Do you know what I mean? Don’t post a selfie or anything that looked unprofessional, and anything blurry.

7. Make headlines

The goal of this strategy is to create a compelling statement that will excite your viewer to click on your profile.

Example: “Let me teach you the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to convert leads into prospects and prospects to ravings fans.

Remember, the more your audience is intrigued about your, the more they are able to learn more about you by clicking your profile. In this way, they will get in touch with you once you get their interest by having your headlines really effective.

An Important Note: NO TO SELLING in your headlines.

8. Get more than a hundred connections or audience.

This will start with your family and friends. This will eventually increase especially when you join groups, attend related webinars, batchmates from your academy like in our case in the Filipino Virtual Assistants group.

Why do you need a lot of audience on your social media platforms? Because clients will perceive you as a serious business person. It also elevates your status and reputation. Thus, making the best impression first hand.

Over-all tip

A good character, professional attitude, skilled and talented, able to define and relate your branding using social media platforms will really get you noticed. All you have to do is to share your thoughts through different forms of content that you prefer. Always make sure they are likable and effective.  Lastly, become personal and appreciate the contents being shared by influential people, join groups, and become conversational, power up your profiles and connect with your audience and potential clients.

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