How much do I have to spend in Building my own Website?

Alright! How much do I have to spend in Building my own Website? Now that you’ve established in mind the importance of owning a website, how important it is in marketing your niche, how to sell your products and services, and how can it make you more visibly credible, is now almost in your hand. Would it be more worthwhile to finally invest and spend money on your very own website?

We have some recommended domain and hosting pricing which are good for you to spend Building  own Website. So go ahead! Read more below.

How much “really” is the website costing?

First off, we have to spend on Building our own Website let’s tackle the requirements. Can you even recall? It’s the DOMAIN and the HOSTING. This was taken in our previous article.


In the Philippines, DOMAIN price usually starts at Php 500.0/year. In looking for your Domain, I highly recommend NAMECHEAP. Why? Well, you can read the name itself is saying cheap. But I can guarantee you, this Domain can thrill you all the way and gives you the best services to help you build your own website.

For general Domains, .COM, .NET, or .ORG are the top ranking ones. You have the choice also to use your own country code. Where the  top-level domains are  .PH and .COM.PH.

Please note the .COM.PH and .PH is more expensive than .COM as to the registration which usually runs from Php 2,000.00/year.

A .COM domain is the most common and also the most valuable type of domains you could own. The annual registration of a .com domain name usually costs around Php 600.


Once you’re done with your registration for Domain Name, you will be needing a Website Hosting next. This is made up of your own serve and other software to run your website. You would agree with me if I say, just like building your own physical business you will need a good space and become visible and accessible, right? That’s Web Hosting, basically.

In hosting you can start at Php 2,000/year. Some Web Hosting are really as expensive as Php 60,000/year.

In Web Hosting, I highly recommend INTERSERVER.NET. I highly recommended this for a Startup Businesses and Freelancers because of it’s a cheaper fixed price

Monthly quality service and reliable support.

(See below pricing)

  • $5.00 /Month
  • 1 Year: $54 ($4.50/Mo, same renewal price)
  • 3 Years: $144 ($4.00/Mo, same renewal price)

You may also have for medium to large scale businesses. So if you deal with businesses which are already established, you may try checking out siteground for a try.

Another cheaper provider is Hawkhost is really cheap and can be of good help as you start with. However, the only downside I notice is it has no 24/7 chat support. Which for me, is very important. If you are a starter, you need chat support to guide you all throughout the process. And if you don’t have one, the tendency is you are wasting your time and money. But if you want to go for it, and just to your own manual research for some guides, you may consider so.

We have the recommended providers to guide you better in deciding which Domain and Hosting can really help you start building your Freelancing or small Business offers/services. Note that hosting is also upgradable. So you don’t have to worry about increasing your hosting if it requires you to do so. I understand that as you go bigger you need a tougher hosting as well to get your website going in a faster and reliable way.

As you grow bigger, your requirements increase and that your Website will have to settle on other necessities of greater value and pricing as well. So be always prepared for it. Things you have to take note is the need to invest in premium themes and plugins to fit the needs of your business. WordPress Themes and Plugins are very useful and dynamic.

What is the topic all about starting up?

However, since this topic is all about starting up, let us just stick to the two main requirements as of the moment. We will have a separate article for the advanced and larger scale in the future so you could have a good guide as well.



Since you are a starter, do go further yet on what you can offer. I know the talent and skills you have, especially when you are trained in FVA Website Design Course. So for a simple guide, you may start at $10/hour. That’s technically justifiable based on your starting skills. As you move forward and get more versatile and eligible for your skills, you may start at $100 per project. Generally, that is $200-400. Note that as you gain more experience and eventually become an expert, the charge goes higher. Your value is appreciating.


Are there any more costs to spend?

The answer is YES. Why? Find out below:

  1. Graphic Artist

You will need extra hands from a  graphic designer if you don’t have available logos or other graphics needed in your site. Some web designers are naturally born artists, they can be a package deal in rendering their services.

  1. Content Writer

Most web builders have difficulty in dealing with english, let’s be honest. Web builders are mostly left-brained people. People who are born with mastery of numbers, so to speak mathematics. Which makes sense. We can have english as basic for people who are really well versed to it. Content writers are. So you may need one, unless you are perfectly molded to also have these skills.

Start building your website now! If you’re not enrolled yet, go to FVA Academy site and discover WEB DESIGN COURSE.

So what are you waiting for! ENROLL NOW and start your business.

Learn Web Design Today!

This course is great for aspiring or current Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, Website Managers, Web Designers, and Business entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build and design their own website.

Training Coverage:

  • Understanding Web Design and WordPress
  • Exploring the CPanel and Installing WordPress
  • Exploring the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Web Designing using Page Builders
  • Building a Landing Page and Basic Email Marketing
  • Building an Online Shop with WooCommerce
  • Create a Membership Site
  • Basic SEO
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Marketing and Growing your Business


  • 10 recorded lessons
  • 2 live sessions
  • With online certification after course completion
  • Free apprenticeship and hiring opportunities


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