Freelancing this Christmas Season

2020 has given birth to the NEW NORMAL. Everything is done, studied, and celebrated online. Even Christmas parties. So how is freelancing during this Christmas Season? Let’s celebrate together here!

As the party might have started earlier than the celebrated date, you may have still been stuck on your computers doing something for your clients. Though the majority of the clients love to see you celebrate the holidays with your family and take your vacation from work, there are others who wouldn’t mind this season at all. Sometimes, they would ask you to finish the projects as usual, say for example for the Web Designers.

Here are a few of the helpful tips for you to enjoy freelancing during holidays.

Clientele Quality Service

Part of our job is to ensure the quality of our services to our clients. That includes your assurance to them about your available time during the Christmas period. This will make them at ease that you still won’t miss a thing in finishing your task list.

Besides, our aim here is to make our clients happy. So maintain the quality of your service by giving them their needed time. After all, we are just at home, we can always sneak outside whenever we want and can still join the party.

Acquaintance Time with Fellow Freelancers

Did you remember in my previous articles, where I suggested you join groups which have the same niche as yours? If you are into Web Designing, join a group of web designers. If you followed that tip where you need to be active in your groups, you are sure to earn a lot of friends who are your fellow freelancers there.

This holiday season is your chance to make online gimmicks and get acquainted. After all, it’s the new normal. We can all enjoy whether we are in zoom, hangouts, skype etc…

Enjoy Christmas Spirit at Home

Have you tried joining online celebrations of Christmas programs like reaching out to the less fortunate? Yes! It’s possible. Besides, Christmas is not just all about being festive and fun. It is also the time to share what we have to those in need.

This pandemic has gripped us too tight, which makes most of the people gone unemployed. Reach out to your friends and relatives who lost their means of living. Try reaching out and create a Christmas spirit they won’t forget.

Surprise your clients

Do you remember exchanging gifts with your classmates? Does your teacher join as well? It’s something like that.

It is always the thought that counts. Clients will appreciate you more and the best way to make them so impressed is your effort of taking to look things for them as a gift this Christmas. They will for sure get surprised. So why not try, right?

This is the kind of suggestion that will for sure make you hesitate, but I’m telling you this is one of the best ways for your client to retain you and would always look for you.

Time Management

Arrange your whole month of December schedule. Nothing beats Time Management. With this, you can achieve tip number 1 above, because you have planned ahead.

Let them know you are away for a moment. You may display a status of DND (Do not disturb), “AWAY”, or just simply turn on your OUT OF OFFICE status. Clients are smart people, enough to understand that you are already celebrating Christmas. They won’t force you to work for something.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone! Freelancer or not, have a great one!

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