Full-Time Jobs or Freelancing discover the Beauty in it

Are you confused about whether to work for full-time jobs or freelancing? You might envy the life of successful freelancers. Thus, you can decide to choose this field or not. Well, that is a decision. Honestly, freelancing may not be the perfect idea for everyone.

Do you think you would love freelancing?

We cannot say that one job is better than the other. However, if you want to position yourself, you need to consider the pros and cons of these two jobs.

You must consider everyone’s capability regarding skills, talent, and personality. Another thing to consider is your interest, lifestyle, and ways of living. There are things to consider before deciding the kind of work.

It does not make sense to change your career while giving up the benefits that you already have. But if your job cannot support your basic needs, you have the reason to find a well-paying job. A job income that is sufficient for your monthly bills and let you enjoy the beauty of your dreams.

Others want to be a freelancer because of the benefits they see while others do not like it because opportunities may not be steady. Anytime, you could lose a client that results in income decreased. However, changing choosing freelancing as your new career is still a challenge to consider the consistency of your income.

Thus, this article tries to enlighten your mind about both jobs. Hopefully, it can give you hints on what to choose for the better.

Discover Full-Time Job Benefits

Have you tried to interview a student about why he wants to finish a profession? It is because he wants to be hired, get a job, signed a contract, and enjoy different benefits. A full-time job is the dream of many individuals. A work for eight hours a day and receive a monthly salary with bonuses.

Advantages of Full-Time Job:

  • Consistent salary

-It is the best thing about having a full-time job. You can trust a consistent income throughout the years of your employment.

  • Benefits to Enjoy

-Having a full-time job will not only promise for monthly salary but benefits too. There might be for your healthcare, sick leave with pay, travel, and other incentives.

  • Colleagues at Work

-It is good to work having colleagues by your side whom you can talk to. Someone at work will help you make a wonderful day.

  • Professional Growth

-It is not new for anyone to have a full-time job to grab a chance to grow professionally.

Disadvantages of Full-Time Jobs

  • Lacks Flexibility
  • Full-time work requires you to follow office rules regarding the time and policy of the management.
  • Transportation
  • You may need to take a long commute that is stressful sometimes. Besides, it takes time to take a ride.
  • Miscompanionship
  • There may be colleagues at work whom you cannot go along.
  • Lack of opportunities for other interest
  • Full-time jobs may take your focus and time. It leads you to forget your passion for the other thing.

Freelancing Thing

When you choose to be a freelancer, you are working for any company. Freelancers are used to working with different employers and received different rates depending on the tasks.

Yes, the decision to go for freelancing is not bad, but you have to consider the disadvantages aside from the advantages. Thus, will you still pursue to be one?

Advantages of Freelancing

  • Freedom
  • Unlike full-time jobs, freelancing is a type of job where you have the freedom to design your task whether you want to work during the day or night shift. You have a preference for how to draw your schedule. The client counts your work as long as it meets before or during the
  • Freelancers have a chance to pick the right client. So, platforms require skilled freelancers to do projects. There are Upwork, Toptal, Hubstaff, freelancer.com, Flexjob, Iwriter, and many more.
  • Freelancing is an opportunity to being free from the four pillars. It is the dreamed job for many individuals where they can feel independence from any boss.
  • Flexibility

Another Benefits

  • It is what an employee missed in his life while the freelancer is enjoying it. If you work full-time jobs, you must do your work intended for the day even you hate to do it, In freelancing, you can decide to work four days a week, half of the year, or make the summer vacation free for you.
  • Hassle-Free
  • One of the best things that happen to a freelancer’s life is being free of any hassle. You don’t need to wake up early and make your morning in a rush. There is no need to fall in line for a bus
  • Opportunity for other activities
  • Freelancing could give a healthier lifestyle. You can have a plan for physical fitness after work. Besides this, it is possible to go for your passion. If you love cooking, then, you can do it in your free time.
  • Manageable Workload
  • Freelancer is free to choose the type of workload. If you work little, less income but, if you work hard, you can earn more. What makes it amazing? you can focus on your interest. You can choose the type of work that corresponds to your desire. If you want to focus on graphic design alone, then you can. If you like t to grab another opportunity, it would be better for you.
  • Chance to explore
  • Freelancing is always the best for successful freelancers. Besides being able to work at home, it offers a variety of work. You can choose tasks according to your skills and capability. If you write articles, do graphic design, and manage ads, you can grab them all as long as you can manage the time and able to work all the tasks without compromising anything. It is also a way to widen your horizon.

Disadvantages of Freelancing

  • Working for someone
  • As a self-employed, you will be hired to work for someone’s task. Someone trusted you to finish a project. You must complete the tasks within the duration of time. It might cause you to struggle but you have to do your best to meet deadlines.
  • No work, No pay
  • Unlike full-time jobs, you have signed a contract to be paid monthly however in freelancing, you receive nothing if you don’t work. Thus, lazy people are not fit in freelancing. Moreover, you might not earn consistently since there are months to get a lot of projects, then, few or none in the next.

Other Reasons to Check

  • The worst thing is when you are sick, you will get paid.
  • Blessed are the freelancers who were able to have a consistent project every month. There are circumstances where your client suddenly ends the project. Then, you need to find another project to work on. Thus, it would be better if you have a new one immediately.
  • Management challenge
  • It is necessary to stay motivated and well-organized as a freelancer. You should know how to manage to be able to meet deadlines. Besides, this will cause you to struggle with your task.
  • Full Responsibility
  • A freelancer does not only work at home and receive a monthly salary. But you have the responsibility for the fate of the business. It is necessary to know the full background of your work: the process of how to boost the business and maximize profits. Be the master of your niche who can take pride in your client’s business.
  • Payment Issues
  • The only hypocrite would say that they don’t work for money. Freelancers work hard to earn money for bills and their respective goals. Many freelancers are happier than other employees because of the income they receive. However, some clients do not pay up according to the agreement. Some disappear in the middle of the project. While others pay less.
  • Lonely routine
  • Freelancers are used to working alone without having anybody by their side to consult with. Thus, if you want to be one, make sure you can work without having friends with you.


If you have decided to shift your career, then think of the following:

  • Consider your interest and preferable type of jobs.
  • Think about which is better for you: report to the office or work at home.
  • Do not shift your career for money only because unhappiness of work leads to a miserable life.
  • It is not bad to change your career as long as you are ready to face new challenges.

A decision to choose freelancing over a full-time jobs is your personal choice. However, you might need guidance and support from the experts.

If you are going to look at the freelancing record, you will be amazed. There are millions of people who turned into freelancing. This population adds up during the pandemic. There are undergraduates, graduates, employed, and even retirees.

Hopefully, this article has helped you think which is better for you. Whenever you can decide to choose to freelance, then, be sure to be able to put on your 100% commitment, time management, and self-driven goals. You can start watching free videos about freelancing, enroll in a course, and join webinars for freelancing knowledge to help you.

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Written by: “Frorie22” An apprentice from batch 25

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