Beat a spider in its own game

Admit it—we cannot live without technology anymore. There is no reason to say “I do not know” for almost anything is accessible online. The internet has opened a floodgate of opportunities for people to learn, interact, and discover a myriad of possibilities to explore and expand their reach. Gone are the days when we are all tied up to our job designations or the limitations of what our academic degrees dictate. 

The web has become an equalizer of sorts; laying out a level playing field for virtually anyone to get access to a world of opportunities and information to make lives easier. 

In an instant

Speed is everything. This has now become a staple of our daily lives: life is a constant race not just against time but in information, among others. He who knows first wins.

A well designed and executed web page can enable this and more features in a compact and well laid out package. It can make a big difference between your offerings and everyone else’s. 

The internet has brought the phrase “instant gratification” to the fore. Web portals have enabled valuable information to be available right away. But too much information can also be a bane to users. The more a page demands a higher cognitive load to its users, meaning they will have to think or analyze what it is trying to convey or if navigating the page becomes too circuitous, they will leave as quickly as they came. Remember, it is a yes or no; not a maybe. 

Keeping it simple

As attractive as the graphics or animation in a web page may be, there is a strong chance its designer can get carried away. There is beauty in keeping things straightforward: say what you want right away and give the viewer he/she wants with minimum effort. The online world is a very competitive one with so many users vying for a particular product or service; so it pays to have content that is less taxing and more satisfying for the user. Simplicity is clarity.


Merriam-Webster defines satisficing as: “: to pursue the minimum satisfactory condition or outcome”. As thousands of webpages saturate the internet offering users essentially similar results but through different presentations, keeping a webpage’s content optimized is hard work. Major influential sites have dedicated staff that constantly update and optimize their content to continue to attract visitors, but even with the best people, maintaining relevant content is indeed challenging. 

People do not want to be too tasked with researching information about COVID, for example. I think it is safe to say that by now, everybody already knows what it is but each individual wants a little bit more understanding. Reading every single webpage about this topic is next to impossible and there is very minimal variation with the data and facts presented anyway; however, we always seek for that word or sentence that defines what our understanding of the topic is about. Once we find that, we are satisfied and accept the content, and look no further. 

In this case, satisficing has played its role—it may be subjective but it satisfies the user’s needs and the accessed webpage has done its job. Simple, and straightforward.

Managed content

Keep the content relevant. With keeping cognitive loads low as mentioned above, a good webpage keeps its user engaged. Imagine viewing a web page that sells cars and towards the end, flowers for sale have entered the scene? Not only is it confusing, but it will also diminish the experience and the page has compromised its reputation. Besides, there are platforms that enable free webpage designing so why sacrifice your integrity by adding flowers to your automotive site? What are you trying to save on? 

Well-managed web pages have contents that are constantly updated with relevant information. The internet has shrunk the world and there is almost no excuse to not be in the know.

Unleash your potential!

Do you think you can make a stunner of a webpage that will outshine the competition? Or do you want to just make your presence felt online? We have what you need to get you up to speed!

Learn Web Design Today!

This course is great for aspiring or current Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, Website Managers, Web Designers, and Business entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build and design their own website.

Training Coverage:

  1. Understanding Web Design and WordPress
  2. Exploring the cPanel and Installing WordPress
  3. Exploring the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  4. Web Designing using Page Builders
  5. Building a Landing Page and Basic Email Marketing
  6. Create an Online Shop with WooCommerce
  7. Building a Membership Site
  8. Basic SEO
  9. Basic HTML and CSS
  10. Marketing and Growing your Business

Our course comes with:
* 10 recorded coaching sessions
* 2 live coaching sessions
* Learning teams
* Personalized feedbacking
* Lifetime assistance
* With online certification after course completion
* Free OJT/apprenticeship
* Hiring referrals to FVA agency partners
* In-house hiring opportunity via our global brand, Surge


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