Attitudes: Essential in Freelancing

A person is fully developed if the three learning domains – knowledge, skill, and attitudes domains – are all developed.  It is a best practice that when you are rendering service, you have to give it in a complete package.

However, most wannabe freelancers focused only on acquiring the knowledge and skill needed for freelancing and ignoring the attitudes domain.  This approach might cause an emotional disadvantage and might lead to giving up a freelancing career.

Here are two reasons why it is important to strengthen the right attitudes before dealing with online jobs:

The diversity of culture, religion, and belief may result in conflicts. As a freelancer, this conflict can distract your focus on doing things related to your job.  These differences sometimes cause misinterpretation of information.  There may be times that the clients’ words hurt you but for them it was nothing.  Knowing their culture and belief helps you react to a stormy situation.

  1. Rejections and failures are alongside in the freelancing journey.  Their presence is everywhere.  Don’t get discouraged when you failed in an interview because you have gained something after that, and that is the experience.

Failing to prepare your emotions for every circumstance will crush you and your dream of becoming a freelancer.  Protect yourself from this type of occurrence by giving yourself time in strengthening your affective domain because emotion is equally important to the knowledge and skill of a person.

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