A Year-Ender Pursuits for Freelancers

Some of the things to take note before the year ends

Can you imagine the feeling of “Finally 2020 has to end!”. I think this is mostly what the world wanted to end, the 2020 and its catastrophe among humans.

But, for freelancers like us, somehow this year has become an advantage. Digital business is soaring high despite the global economic crisis. This December is coming a little faster. Before we know it, Christmas is done and it’s already New Year! With that, here are some of the best things that you could do as a freelancer, most especially, as a Web Designer, before this 2020 ends.

A Year-Ender Pursuits for Freelancers:


As a freelancer, being a Jack-of-all-trades is fine. But if you specialize, like becoming a Web Designer, which is undeniably in demand kind of virtual job, is crucial. Define your niche, what you really want to do and expand more, explore more and make it your own. Build yourself like no one else.


It is very important to note who you really want to work with. Clients come and go. As a freelancer, you should know that this is normal. So it is important that you have eyes on your list. Web Designing should align on your list who need web designers in their businesses.

In order to become more effective as a Web Designer, you should work on people who can help you develop your skills more and increase your morale as a freelancer. Always check on your target clients and work on them with sincerity and integrity. The pay follows when your clients are happy with your work.


What do I mean about this? It means you need to have a strong network. As mentioned above, clients come and go. So you need to build your network yourself diligently. You may enhance and optimize your socials especially Instagram and LinkedIn accounts where networks of professionals are very common.

Also, apply for a job to catch your target client as well. Not all the time, the clients can see you through keeping quiet. They will notice you of course if you show them something, and the best way to talk online is to apply.

Have your own profile in freelancing platforms like Upwork, fiverr, etc.


How do you maintain credibility? It is through building your own website. This is one crucial indentifier of a freelancer. Always update your profiles in each accounts you have, update your portfolios, and always showcase your best work inside your website.

Your credibility depends on how you display your niches, your profiles and yours skills. Clients will always have the best impressions through these platforms that you have. So always bear in mind, that the first impression lasts. So make the most of it by making updates on your Socials and Website.


As the New Year comes, people are always fond of making long lists of resolutions. As a freelancer, you don’t need it. You need goals. Make goals, target them, and accomplish them all if possible as you go along with your freelancing journey.

Always track your progress, develop skills each day, as education never stops, learn more inside your niche.

As a Web Designer, it is important that you grow each day even if mistakes and failures come along your way. The best teachers we always have are our mistakes. Technically, you need to increase knowledge each day. Always bear in mind that the competition is global. You need to be globally competitive and hit the goal.


As a beginner, it is not advisable to make your price so high. The more you make demands on your pricing, the more you lose the opportunity to grow as a Web Designer and you may lose the clients you wanted.

On the other hand, however, you need to know your worth. Building a website is one of the most effective in business of today’s world and the worth is truly high. Compete as a beginner with other beginners. Haggle with your clients and stick to the agreed justifiable amount they should pay on you.

Clients always know your price, you must also know it better.


Save. Always put some ample amount for your savings. Remember that you are your own kind of boss, which means you are not dependent on any company. As a freelancer, it is very crucial that you have your contingency fund if possible for 1 whole year. You need to get ahead of your budget.

Savings is the key for this. Become wiser with you money if you are a freelancer. As a Web Designer, you have the reasons to save as you are paid quite high compared to other niches.

Make it a habit to become a good steward of your own blessings. So it will double in folds, and can be your most dependable emergency kit whenever you need it.


As a democratic country, the Philippines has democracy. As a citizen of this country who is working decently, it is important to always embrace and support our country though paying taxes.

Yes, we as freelancers typically have to pay quarterly taxes throughout the year. There are some financial guidelines for freelancers on this which you can check out in google and government websites.


As the year ends, you still have the best gift for yourself and your loved ones this Christmas season. FVA Web Design Course, can help you grow your skills and develop your niche. If freelancing is your kind of thing, try Web Designing. This is one of the highly paid skills in Virtual Assistance.

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This course is great for aspiring or current Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, Website Managers, Web Designers, and Business entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build and design their own website.

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  • Building a Membership Site
  • Basic SEO
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Marketing and Growing your Business


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