7 Hints to a Successful Freelancing Career

Are you one of those millions of individuals who dream to win a comfortable place in an office after signing a contract? Or dream of having a successful career in freelancing?

Do you dream presentable office uniform while at work?

Did you finish your profession to get a fixed monthly salary?

Well, this kind of setup does not fit everyone. Some individuals hate to catch up on busy streets every morning not to be late at work. On the other hand, some people do not need to report to the office to work. Instead, they sit with their pajamas to any corner at home while earning good salaries.

Are you interested in a successful freelancing career?

Freelancing provides a lot of choices. You can choose when to work and where to do it. This career allows you to have more time with your family. Moreover, you can be a boss at your own pace.

Tips to successful shift to this kind of work.

1. Save and spend

Freelancing is not becoming rich immediately. It takes time to build up your name in a freelancing world. You cannot just pick up your clients and sign a contract. You establish a reputation that echoes to the ear of the clients.

During this period, you should save money while you are in progress because you have expenses to consider. You have to save money so that you have something to spend. Since a newbie in freelancing needs to enhance his/her skills to catch the client’s standards.

Consider the following expenses you need to take on to achieve a successful freelancing career:

  • Health Insurance – Consider your health as very important when bad times come.
  • Tools and Equipment – You need to purchase your personal computer, a type of software, printer, scanner, and some other necessary tools. For instance, you need money to build a website.
  • Basic needs– Be sure to save money for your daily expenses. You should know that daily needs are higher than any other priorities.
  • Professional Growth – Do not be stocked with what you know. Be eager and thirsty for new learning to keep you ahead of others. Enroll freelancing courses to feed your dreams of becoming a successful freelancer. Do not wait for free training to appear, when there’s not. Remember, knowledge is expensive.

2. Understanding Your career

Many business organizations abuse their employees. Some were not able to enjoy their rights. Thus, it is necessary to understand the kind of career you are engaging in. There should be a contract agreement between you and the client.

You should know whether you work part-time or full-time. It is necessary to know your benefits and salary. You should agree on the tasks to do to avoid misunderstanding.

It is not possible to take everything on what the market demands. Honestly, you do not have a monopoly on skills. Avail only a task which you can do. A successful freelancing career is not a shopping mall in which you can grab everything you like to. Do not promise to do a task that is impossible for your ability.

3.Work for your Brand

It is necessary to identify your brand, establish it, and build your reputation with it,  You must show your best and work for your brand. Whatever it is, the important thing is you can excel in the market by leaving the best impression to your clients.

It is necessary to build your brand to amplify the kind of service you promote. Then, you can identify your target clients on who to connect and what to agree with. Afterward, you will be attracting like-minded individuals to help you boost your brand.

Clients can figure out what you can offer by looking at your branding. Thus, you must display authority in your field of expertise. It will help you attract clients little by little.

As you develop your branding, be sure to nurture the trust of your clients. Becoming a trustworthy freelancer helps you to get an edge over competitors.

Failure to identify and boost your branding pulls you down as a freelancer. As you can see, many are interested in work but failed to succeed because they did not build their brand. Thus, it plays a vital role in successful freelancing career.

4. Know Your Worth

Searching for a client can be like a search for a needle in a backyard. Once you find one, you are one of the lucky individuals.

However, do not forget your worth in pricing your services. If you can provide 100% quality service, do not price your services so low.

Do not be so desperate to catch a client by providing the lowest bid on the online market.

If a client asks you to write a 1000-word article for a 5$, that is not advisable to grab.

On the other hand, the best client knows how to value his business partner. A client who lets you work for 8 hours a day for 10$ is not worthy of your worth.

5. Plan for a Comfortable Workplace and Reliable Routine

One of the most advantageous parts of a successful freelancing career is working at your own pace. However, you need to figure it out before you will be in trouble.

Freelancing is an opportunity to work at home while in your pajamas. However, you should identify your free time from your working hours. You must know where to place yourself that allows you to be productive. Some prefer their bedroom, lounge, or a private room to stay focused.

It is necessary to determine the best area and time to keep undistracted. If you fail to organize these things, you might not hit your goals.

Do not forget that consistent productivity counts a lot for a successful freelancing career.

6. Be Creative and Specific with your Business Plan

Plan while others are doing nothing is an old saying to remember, It is good to have a plan than to have none. Planning allows you to decide on what to let go and what to pursue. Planning is a start-up for a successful freelancing career.

You cannot directly proceed to your general plans without having a specific one. Be particular with what you want. Then, draw your plans creatively. If there is a need to change some of it, do it for the better.

You can consider marketing as a part of your plan. There are many networking opportunities, so you need to prioritize your brand. Be in the right position and be equipped with the necessary skills. Then, you will see ideal clients come to you.

Be visible on different social media platforms to promote your brand. You can build a professional profile with the best of your portfolios.

Talk to a group of people you have the same interest. Take time to attend webinars and coaching sessions for a successful freelancing career.

Building your website is necessary to have an organized home of your branding. It is where you can show your freelancing skills. Let them know that you exist in the world of freelancing. Then, let them know your worth and capabilities.

7. You do not need to say “YES”

Every freelancer dreams of a project to work. However, there are reasons where you need to say no. The following reasons are:

  • If the job description does not fit to your skills
  • When a client demands a lot but pays a penny
  • When a client does not provide a clear contract
  • If the project will not help you to grow

Think of your dreamed clients. What are your preparations to attract their attention? You must know the strategies in making your brand visible. You can start selling your services to the right clients.

Though you are searching for a client, be sure that you can exercise your rights. Yes, you ought to respect them but never let them overstep over the agreement.

There is no need to say yes if it will spoil your career.

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Written by:” Frorie22 ” apprentice from batch 25

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