7 Best Shots to attract Web Design Clients

The world of the freelance marketplace has a tight competition in selling services. Freelancers do not easily find clients like for web design jobs. There is a tough race regarding the rate, skills, and patience. Others were not able to move forward due to their lack of confidence.

Some freelancers think that it is not possible to attract clients by giving quality rates. Yes, opportunities may be elusive but they are real. Freelancers must build up their name: the right set of skills, and excellent knowledge of tools.

Freelance web designers must know the secrets on how to catch great clients to make their freelancing career successful in web design.

Here are the seven best shots to Attract web design clients:

1. Be active and visible with Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, social media has a great influence on people. Thousands of online marketers used social media in reaching their clients.

The Social Media platform is one of the best tools in showing your expertise. It is one of the best places to showcase your ability. Thus, this is where you can build a relationship with the target audience. Thus, it is necessary to build trust with the audience around the platform.

Specific platforms to attract clients for a web design task

  • Facebook – It is the most popular platform for every individual. Almost everyone has an account as their way to communicate with other people, share their views, and read for information. Moreover, it is necessary to create a professional profile that provides content related to your interest. This platform can help you boost your niche because your immediate circle of family and friends would help you share your campaign.
  • Instagram – Other freelancers called it a perfect platform for a web designer to show your niche. Many web designers used the visual platform to build an excellent portfolio through memes and illustrations of their own. But, you must remember to use the correct hashtag in every post to reach your target audience.
  • LinkedIn – This is a great platform where many freelancers find their potential clients easily. A freelancer must know the right hashtag or significant keywords. LinkedIn recruiter used to discover potential freelancers to work for them. Thus, it would be helpful to use links to any websites that would direct any recruiter or clients to a website that has the display of your web design portfolios. Freelancers who are active in this platform are usually building their niche by posting regularly. Hence, make sure your post or status update should create a community discussion.
  • Pinterest – This is another good platform to show your designs by creating beautiful boards to attract clients. It is a platform where a freelancer has the freedom to enhance his skills.

These platforms are used effectively by freelancers in displaying their skills. Take note: skills would not be enough to succeed in this career but to be consistent with daily engagements. A freelancer must be active and visible to the clients to make the services saleable.

2. Make the Marketplace Enjoyable

Freelance web designer jobs are one of the most enjoyable jobs in the marketplace. Thus, you must be courageous to enter into the marketplace. Do not consider the competition as an issue but a challenge to keep you upgraded with the latest knowledge and technology.

Find happiness in building a good relationship in the marketplace. In the world of competition, you live to learn and grow. Use these things to become the best web designer where the marketplace has to demand your service. This way would lead you to your very first client.

Never mind if you see a lot of freelancers getting higher pay than yours. Thus, be consistent with your efforts and dedication, then you will see a better result.

Nowadays, some clients are choosing freelancers who have a positive outlook on life. You consider freelancing as the best job and the marketplace as a happy home.

3. Offer the Best Content

Some freelancers fail to think that web designers can get good pay. There are thousands of web designers able to earn a good living through this. They are get paid by creating business cards, logo designs, e-book cover pages, and many more.

On the other hand, web designers must know how to write blog posts or may hire an expert. It is a method to capture leads and an effective way of attracting clients. But, one must create excellent content to promote the services.

It can be an informative type to teach the audience how to use tools like Canva, Pinterest, Photoshop, or any graphic design app. It would lead to a lot of audiences to follow the site for more guidance and information.

Some freelancers made use of newsletter sign-up as a way to gather reader’s emails. It can be a weekly or monthly newsletter as a method of reaching out to target audiences.

On the other hand, it would be better to be tricky in the content. For instance, 50 first commenters could receive a free e-book. A strategy of urgency may urge the readers to get into action after reading to this kind of post.

This lead to attracting potential clients to discover the designs they wanted to see. By the time they find your work worthwhile, they would download it and may convince other readers too.

4. Make The Landing Page Worth-Captivating

A captivating landing page is necessary for the website. A web designer must be a perfectionist in the creation. The page must display the quality of standards that the client wants. Failure to create this kind of stage may be a loss of potential clients.

The landing page must be creative to capture the necessary information from potential clients. It should be visible in your social media profiles so that the audience will know the service.

Web designers can use the form of paper forms project to turn the landing page to live. Choose your best design that includes collecting contact details and information for payments to collect. Moreover, your landing page is the perfect place to display your work.

5. Find and Build your Niche

Many freelancers fail to make a name in this industry because they were not able to find their niche. Many want to grab many services at one time that is wrong. As a freelancer, you should know your interest, skills, and potential. Then, you will be able to identify your niche.

However, some freelancers were able to identify their niche but failed to build it.

You can start building your niche by writing into your social media profiles. Then, It is good to display your interest that leads you to your target audience. This strategy would attract more followers who would be your potential clients. Building your niche will help you stand out amid the hot competition. Being able to do it will lead you to be an expert in your niche.

6. Get into Different Marketplaces

Have you observed where some freelancers have reduced their rates to gain more clients? It is sad to note that strategy. However, there is marketplaces value quality over lower rates. These kinds of marketplaces are the best places to get into getting clients with good pay.

  • Toptal: A marketplace you need to go through a screening process to prove your capability. The market takes 3% of your income. The quality of your work allows you to have access to good projects from top companies to boost your freelancing career.
  • AwesomeWeb: This marketplace caters specifically to graphic designers. While the screening process for AwesomeWeb is less strenuous than Toptal. It ensures that you are competing with the top talent in design as opposed to the cheapest.
  • Behance: Behance is more of a creative job board, but it also has an active section for Freelancers where agencies and companies post their projects.

7. Fulfill the Targets

Every plan is necessary to make a good start, especially in freelancing. It is the best part of the idea to fulfill the targets. All the ways must try to hit the right targets.

As a web designer, you cannot include all the people around the market to be on your list. Be specific with your target. Be sure to know the individuals you want to market with. Your clients might be:

  • A family member, relative, or friends
  • Followers from social platforms
  • Individuals you have met at different social platforms

Offering a free hand to some small business owners is a good practice. Thus, offer your skills to improve their websites. On the other hand, your offer will not be in vain though it is free. Show them your tips on how to make their websites appealing to their target audience.

This action might leave them a good impact to refer you to their friends who need your service. All you need to do is to be true to your suggestions and tips to help them boost their website.

Be approachable and reachable. Then, you can give your contact details so that they can reach you anytime. The trueness and creativity you have shown to them would bear the best outcome. Remember to stay approachable with your target clients to keep them feel at ease.

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Written by: “Frorie22” an apprentice from batch 25

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