6 Ways to Promote Your New Business Blog

6 Ways to Promote Your New Business Blog

A blog can be a great way to connect with customers. It can allow them to join you on your journey, give you detailed information about your products or simply act as a  guide to complicated parts of your industry. 

Whatever reasons you’re writing a blog, you’ll want as many people as possible to read it. That means you need to promote it. Here we’ll show you a few great ways to do that. 

Use social media

One of the most obvious ways to promote your blog is via social media. Twitter and Facebook are great platforms where you can gain followers and use them to get traffic to your blog. This can dramatically increase the number of views you get. 

If you want to promote your blog then it’s a good idea to schedule your posts for the busiest time of day. Any easy way to do this is to use a scheduler such as TwitTimer that allows you to choose precisely when you post. This ensures you get the most out of your blog post. 

Master SEO

If you want to generate traffic to your website then you need to master the art of SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. And though we’re talking about search engines, it’s predominantly Google that you want to impress.

Google themselves give you plenty of information on the subject but it can be a lot to learn. Once you get good at it then your blog post will rank highly on Google searches. This is the perfect way to promote your blog as it’s completely free and highly effective. 

Use visuals

As well as writing great content, you’ll also want your blog to be visually appealing when trying to promote it. A huge part of this is having a professional feature image that shows to the user this is a high-quality blog post.

If you wanted to have professional images that are free of copyright then Unsplash is a great resource. You can also use your own images but make sure they look great. 

Promote it offline

If you do a blog online then your first thoughts will be about how you can promote it online. While there are many great ways to do that on the internet, don’t forget about all the ways you can promote it offline.

This includes networking events, telling friends/family or even handing out cards that you can make with BusinessCards. You can also use flyers and posters which are all highly effective ways of promotion away from the web. 


There are plenty of other places on the internet where you can promote a blog. Reddit is a large forum which gets a huge amount of traffic. If you have a blog that fits in with one of their subreddits, then it can be a very useful tool.

Another website that has a lot of users is Quora. If your blog answers a question on there then you can link to it. It’s also worth looking at any other forums that are specific to your blog. When posting on them, you’re sure to get a lot of interest.

Use catchy headlines

You can write the most eloquent article in the world but if it’s not got a catchy headline then you’re not going to get many hits. “The effectiveness of vinegar as a household cleaner” for example, wouldn’t get as many views as “The unbelievable way I cleaned my showerhead.”

While your audience might not appreciate ‘clickbait’ titles, you still want them to be catchy and inviting. As a link to what we talked about above, you may also want to choose a title that is great for search engines.

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