5 – Freelancing Tips

The popularity of online jobs continues to go up every day. The increasing number of students enrolled in the FVA Academy is good proof that people today prefer to work online. Wait no more, I got your back. Here I collate the basic tips in freelancing.

For those who just heard about online jobs and working from home may sometimes get a wrong notion about it. Many think that it is just simple to get this kind of job as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

If you are new in freelancing instead of commenting “how” and “interested”. You can follow these basic tips as your guide.

Basic Tips in Freelancing for the Beginners
  1. Read

    Reading information about freelancing, online jobs, work from home and virtual assistants gives you a little background about each topic. At least do your small research and reserve your chance of asking a question to the more complicated one. There are some members in freelancing groups on Facebook that don’t like very elementary kind of questions. They are much willing to help you if you show initiative to learn rather than to be spoon-fed.

  2. Enroll

    Enrolling to a reliable academy for Virtual Assistants in the Philippines keeps you on the right path. You might consider yourself having the skills so there’s no need for you to enroll. But in freelancing, there’s what they called alignment. That is when your skill is what the client is looking for to solve his problem. Once you enroll in any courses from the FVA you will get Coaches that will assist you to develop a skill that is marketable online. Plus, you will be able to produce your own portfolios – this is the second important thing in freelancing every beginner must-have (The first one is the experience).

  3. Fix your accounts

    Beginners in freelancing tend to sign up for all the online job platforms because of their excitement to get one right away. Your freelancing accounts and social media accounts are your digital representation. There are effective ways on how to present yourself online to become appealing to the clients.  You can also learn this at the FVA.

  4. Get an Experience

    Online clients always look for your experience, which makes experience the most important thing for freelancers. There are many memes on Facebook that talk about the clients looking for experienced Virtual Assistants. There is a gap between the newbie freelancer and the hiring opportunity. Fortunately, Filipino Virtual Assistance is being able to bridge this gap. FVA offers a free apprenticeship program for all the students enrolled in their online academy. You will acquire experience if you will complete the apprenticeship program.

  5. Don’t stop

    Be aware and accept that competition in online jobs is high. Continue submitting proposals. Continue learning – enhance your skill or learn new skills. Don’t stop because you are not hired, stop when you’re done. Remember that there’s a time for everything.

Following these basic tips saves you into falling to loopholes that cause the delays of the success of your freelancing journey. Stay guided.

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