4 Reasons Why Freelancing is a Good Start to Gain Work Experience

You may be a recent college graduate or pursuing your studies similar to me, and you’re asking about what to do with your life now. In freelancing, getting progressively among wide range of businesses can be a better option. On the other hand, you can focus mainly on the type of work that matters most to you. Freelancing is a great opportunity to establish a professional career that suits your personality and preferred life style. Also, there are no barriers or difficult interviews. In general, by providing a good service with great quality, there will always be companies and individuals who are willing to pay for you.

If you want to establish a professional career and fulfill your goals, then freelancing might be a good option to consider.

Here are 4 reasons why freelancing is a good way to start earning work experience:

1. Freelancing Develops Your Flexibility.

Flexibility is a crucial that most employers are searching for. When applying for a job, it can increase the chances of getting hired if you are well rounded and can easily adapt to sudden changes. That’s why freelancing is a good way to develop your flexibility. Freelancing allows one to be more efficient compared to working on a full time job. It also helps improve your communication skills as well as  the ability to deal with various situations and different forms of struggles. As a result, you learn more in working as a freelancer for about let’s say about 2 years than being in one or two jobs in that same time. Additionally, in order to establish one’s credibility, you are required to build your own portfolio. Soon, you will have to market your self like a sales person or a marketing executive.

2. Freelancing Develops Your Confidence.

Confidence is a big factor that employers are looking for that will give a huge effect on your career. Therefore, freelancing is a good start to help build up your confidence. Exposure to various types of situations that will help you take the lead on tasks while maintaining pressure without too much stress. Moreover, freelancing prepares you to handle stressful tasks and resolve problems using your own ideas. Freelancing can also develop your confidence in order to reach new heights in preparation for your professional career. Being confident in your abilities can help you become more productive and create a higher quality of work which can benefit your self. Freelancing is also a good opportunity to help you develop your decisiveness and leadership skills. Furthermore, having leadership skills can help prosper your professional career whether you’re supporting your co-workers or trying to get a managerial role.

3. Freelancing Develops Your Work Ethics.

There are 8 Work Ethics that one should practice namely:

  • Attitude: Shows a positive attitude, appears confident and has true hopes of oneself
  • Character: Displays loyalty, honesty, dependability, reliability, initiative and self-control
  • Communication: Displays proper verbal and non-verbal skills, and listens
  • Cooperation: Displays leadership skills; properly handles criticism, conflicts, and stress; maintains proper relationships with peers and follows chain of command
  • Organizational Skill: Shows skills in management, prioritizing and dealing with change
  • Productivity: Follows safety practices, conserves resources, and follows instructions
  • Respect: Deals properly with diversity, shows understanding and tolerance
  • Teamwork: Is a team worker, helpful, and confident, displays a customer-service attitude, and seeks continuous learning

Work ethics is substantial in preparation for your professional career. It is essential to promote constructive employee behaviors that contribute to the company’s success, while unethical behaviors contribute to failure. Illustrating the values specified over, it is a great way to increase your employability, especially when seeking your desired professional career.

4. Freelancing Develops Your Time Management Skills.

Perhaps, time is an important factor in all industry regardless of profession. In addition, ineffective time management can ruin your professional career and affect the balance of your lifestyle and work.

Time management is an important aspect in life whether you’re a student or a professional. Effective time management helps you prioritize your tasks so that you ensure that you have an ample time to finish every task given. On top of it, you will become more focused on work when you understand how to manage your time effectively, which allows you to accomplish more with less allotted time.

That’s why freelancing is one way to enhance one’s time management skills. Freelancing can be a good training to improve your time management skills, especially when meeting deadlines, working at different clientele simultaneously, and accomplishing more tasks within a short period of time.

Closing Thoughts

Freelancing, really, is a great way to train your abilities in establishing your professional career. With so many possibilities to take in the professional world, you’ll never know what to expect. That’s why, by building enough experience bit by bit, it can greatly increase your chances of success among your peers. With the reasons I mentioned above, I hope it helps you become more at ease when entering the real world.

Thank you.

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