3 Good Things for Being a Newbie in Freelancing Today

If you are a newbie in freelancing, maybe there are times that you get envied to the seasoned ones.  Maybe you also hope that you learned Virtual Assistance early and you’re one of the seasoned Virtual Assistants today.

Things happen as it is.  Let us look at the nice things for being a newbie in online jobs. 

Here are my top three good things for being new in this kind of employment:

  1. We’ve started.

    It is in our advantage the moment we accept the concept of freelancing in our life. Understanding that this is the new trend of employment is good.  Because there are people who are not aware that online jobs and virtual assistants exist.  There are also those who heard but not yet interested. Let us be proud of ourselves because of the courage to get started even when we are like groping in the dark to learn everything we’ve read to become virtual assistants.  By taking our first step to freelance we become ahead of the others.

  2. We have mentors.

    Another good thing for a newbie in freelancing today is the availability of the seasoned Virtual Assistants – they are our mentors.    There are many experienced freelancers that offer their advice for free, they also answer our questions and confusion without asking any returns and they even guide us to getting a client by posting hiring opportunities through pages and links.  Their existence and they are being ahead of us help us get through it.

  3. Affordable resources

    Because of the existence of experienced freelancers we have now many affordable resources we can use to level up our skills.  They were able to produce simple and easy to learn materials we can study to achieve the skill we want to furnish. The Filipino Virtual Assistance offers very affordable prices to all their online courses dedicated to Virtual Assistants.

    Visit fvaconsultancy.com They are also giving lots of good free freelancing tips at their YouTube channel. I challenged myself to watch 1 video daily from the FVA YouTube channel as part of my self-pace freelancing development.  You can give it a try too, I promise you will enjoy and learn lots of pretty good things from them. These are of course another good thing for us newbies.  Aside from these, the FVA has a lot more in store for us for a lifetime.  Follow them on their Facebook page to enjoy all their free stuff for us.

The good things are guiding us to our first client.  Let us aim to become a hero in freelancing and later a premium freelancer.

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