Learn how to Build and Design websites, and establish your Online Presence as a Freelancer, Virtual Assistant and Business Entrepreneur with our Web Design Course.

Learn this HIGH-QUALITY and ON-DEMAND DIGITAL SKILL that you can use for your business and working remotely under the new normal.

Web Design is one of the many types of online skill that you can learn as a Virtual Assistant, Freelancer or Business. We are here to teach you how you can build and design websites and establish your online presence.

What is Web Design

And what are the Benefits of having this skill?

Web Design is the process of creating websites. With this skill you are able to create a website without much knowledge on coding. All you need is the right tools and a grasp for design. Web Designing can give you a lot of advantage in your Freelancing skill like having a good income and being always in demand since many businesses need to have their own website to build a solid online presence and credibility.

Having a website is essential for your business. It gives you a cost-effective way to market your business online and it can help you generate sales even while you are sleeping. Your website is accessible to your visitors 24/7 wherever they are. Having a website absolutely gives you credibility and makes you stand out as a freelancer or business and proves that you have established yourself as an expert in your field. You can use your website to effectively promote your products and services and becomes your own channel where visitors can connect with you at all times.

Why having a Website is important?

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Heads up! In this course, you will learn how to build your own website, so you can prepare yourself in building websites for your clients or your business, thus you will need to have or purchase your own Domain Name and Web Hosting (if you don’t have any yet). The recommended domain and hosting providers will be discussed in this course. If you are a freelancer, having your own website is one way of proving to your clients that you can build a website for them. This is also another step in growing your business and making yourself visible online, this is applicable for business entrepreneurs as well, especially small and start up ones. You may start with our FREE COURSE here to know more.

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Limited to first 100 paid reservations only
Online classes will start on September 2021
  • Understanding Web Design and WordPress
  • Exploring the cPanel and Installing WordPress
  • Exploring the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Web Designing Using Page Builders
  • Building a Landing Page and Basic Email Marketing
  • Building an Online Shop with WooCommerce
  • Building a Membership Site
  • Basic SEO
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Marketing and Growing Your Business

How our coaching works


Access to the Lessons

You will be given an instruction to register and access our Web Design Course once you are officially enrolled.


2 Live Coaching Sessions

We will have 2 live coaching sessions on the first and last week of the month of your chosen batch for the Orientation and Evaluation.


10 Recorded Coaching Sessions

You will have access to 10 recorded coaching sessions that you can access anytime at your own pace.


Personalized Feedback

Each of our lessons comes with actual application or Portfolios that you can work on so you can thoroughly understand each of the lessons. We are here to guide you and give personalized feedback to each of your portfolios.


Certification after Course Completion

A certification is given to all of our students after completing the portfolios within the duration of our coaching sessions.


Lifetime Assistance and Learning Team

Our students gets a lifetime assistance and access to learning team for group collaboration.


Hiring referrals and In-house hiring opportunity

All of our students who have successfully completed the course gets an opportunity to join the FVA Training to Hiring program through our Apprenticeships, Hiring referrals with FVA agency partners, plus our in house hiring opportunity via our global brand, Surge.

Hello, my name is Michelle!

And I will be your Trainer for this course. I’m a Web Designer and Digital Creative Entrepreneur helping Business Owners and Entrepreneurs through Designs and Digital Marketing Solutions like Web and Graphics Design, Social Media Management, Video Editing, Technical Admin support and many more.

Now I’m on a mission to teach you how you can leverage and optimize your online presence whether you are an aspiring Freelancer or a Business Entrepreneur by learning this on demand Web Designing skill that you can use to build a website for your clients and for your business.

Here's what our Students say

  • Hello, Coach Michelle! Thank you so much, coach. Thank you for all your support and guidance, coach. I wouldn’t be able to finish my website without all your help, coach. All of the coaching sessions are helpful, coach. Thank you for being a hands-on coach. I know that you are also doing other things, but you always make sure to answer and help me with my concerns. I appreciate your help, coach!

    I am really grateful to you, Coach Michelle!

    Joshie Belle Roxas

  • Thank you so much for the new learnings! I now have a foundation in Web Designing. This is vital in starting my career shift. The course is very compact and beginner friendly. Coach Michelle is so approachable, napaka tiyaga ni Coach kapag may mga tanong ako at mga hindi maintindihan. I will definitely recommend this course sa mga gusto mag design ng web!

    Melinda Martin

  • Hi Coach, I just want to say Thank you for your guidance and for being patient with me for all of my queries since CS1 to CS10 🙂 I remember that i really wanted to have a website na curious ako kung paano siya gagawin , dati nag ta-try lang ako using google site, pero ngayon FINALLY! I have my own website na at dahil po yun sa tulong mo Coach, nag enjoy ako sa bawat session, as in zero experience po talaga ako dati sa web design pero ngayon marami akong natutunan sa course na to! kaya SUPER HAPPY AKO AT SUPER WORTH IT!!..Thank you din po sa FVA sa mga ganitong opportunities! :)💖

    More power! God Bless you always Coach!

    Chingbee Siasico

  • Thank you for training me to become a capable Web Designer. Your motivation, encouragement, and support constantly inspire me to be excellent in everything I do. It pushed me to continue working hard and become confident with my new career!
    I appreciate your time spent creating this tutorial, once again Thank you, coach Michelle!  

    Melania Ticman

  • Thank you so much for having the patience to answer all my questions, promptly. You are one of the great Coaches that I ever had. Your course is really worth paying for, with all the valuable lessons and support from you, I don’t regret enrolling in your course. Again, thank you so much until next time! God bless you more!

    Emily Soliman

  • You are a blessing in this pandemic. The effort you give in explaining your tutorial videos from the frequently asked questions during learning is unconditional. You are always more than ready to answer questions and offer the best possible answers. Thank you for allowing me to see hope and for putting in your kind heart to mentoring and imparting everyone your knowledge and skills.

    A truly great mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget. – Unknown

    Desiree Jade Velasco

  • Hello Coach, Thank you so much for the beautiful certificate and for your time and effort to coach me.  I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with you and I found them to be extremely helpful and inspiring.  Everything was properly explained and in detail and I am grateful for the learning experience.

    Lea Santos

  • Yey! Thank you very much Coach. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get the Gold certificate. But I made it because of your guidance. I love my experience in our coaching session, it refreshes my basic knowledge that I’ve learned in school before. Really enjoyed designing and doing basic codes again. I’ll continue practicing web design by designing my own website and become ready to provide my services to my future clients.

    Janeth Dorado

  • Thank you coach I learn a lot in this course. Thank you for the detailed lessons! I know you are there for my future questions coach. I Love FVA! FVA is the best!

    Herfren Delos Santos

  • Maraming salamat po coach chelle, I learned a lot po, it’s really a great investment for enrolling in your Web Design Course here in FVA. Hindi ako magkaroon ng sarili kong website kung hindi dahil po sa inyo. God bless you po.👍😃

    Claresa Ganhinhin

  • I learned a lot from the course. As a beginner, the course’s videos are all easy to follow. I’m more confident now to start my freelancing career and I would love to join the apprenticeship program. Kudos to you coach! 

    Jolina Opano

  • I want to let you know that I am a course junkie. But your course, by far, is my favorite. I’ve gained so much knowledge and skills from you at a very affordable price. Thank you so much, coach!

    Marianne Relabo

  • Thank You Coach! You have explained the lessons very well and in professional manner. I hope you will be guiding me along the way until I can fully grasp this skill set. At the moment I already have 5 clients waiting. Again, thanks for to your patience and assistance. 

    Janice Castro

  • Thank you so much for the video lessons, I learned a lot. I struggle with some of the lessons but I am happy with what I have learned. I want to go back again with the 1st lesson as a review since this field is a bit hard for me, hehhehe. I didn’t expect I can finish a bit early but since I have lots of vacant time that’s why I really want to finish the lessons before I’ll be back to being busy again. Hopefully, soon I will able to land a job even just a one-time project since I am working in Hong Kong as Domestic Helper. But as of now, I want to enhance my skills through FVA’s courses. This is my second course after my Freelancing Course last year.  Thank you so much Coach and for replying to all my messages during the lesson. Again, thank you, Coach Michelle!

    Honey Lytte Booc

  • Thank you so much. I learned a lot from you. I was hesitant to enroll in this course, but actually it is all worth it. I made the right decision. From the very beginning of this course, I already enjoyed it. During the course, I always look forward for the next lesson. Although I encountered problems building my website, you are always there guiding me and answering all my questions. You made WordPress easy for us. ☺️ From domain name and web hosting, designing website, landing page, building an online shop and membership site. I can’t wait to use what I have learned in your web design course. Again, thank you so much. And continue being a blessing to all of the aspiring web designers. 

    Aubrey Elaine Morales

  • Well, your coaching is definitely awesome, I learn a lot you are so responsive when students have a question about the lesson. and I’m super thank you for that. 👍👍👍👍👍 Thank You So much Coach chelle

    Rendell Cedeno

  • Yey! Finally completed my course! I am so thankful for your patience in following up on me. I really learned so much and I am more confident know on doing web design because of this course, a lot has been added to my skill and knowledge. Overall, I think the course and portfolios are sufficient if not surpassing my expectations for this course. It is very detailed and very informative. Again, so thankful for the learnings and for Coaching me. Really appreciate it! God bless always and keep safe, Coach! More power to you and FVA! 🙂

    Rensie Capati

  • The whole session is awesome. I’ve learned a lot throughout the course.

    Christian Marc Delos Santos

  • Hi Coach Michelle! Just wanna thank you talaga for being very supportive sa Web Design class. More than the technical side of the course, you and the FVA community helped me believe in myself… Na kaya ko pala gamitin ang skills ko to earn and be happy while doing it. I’m still working as an employee sa isang NGO, pero passion ko talaga itong mga web design emeruut kaya kahit minsan pagod na sa work, gustong gusto ko pa ring ginagawa ito kahit abutin ng madaling araw. Hahaha. Thank you po sa pagboost ng confidence. I just got my first ever client in web design. Hindi ako magkakaroon ng lakas ng loob to apply-apply sa mga ganito kundi dahil sa inyo. Sobrang thankful talaga ako sa inyo, sa FVA, pati kay Coach Grace and pati sa inspiring community. Mag-iingat po kayo palagi at ang mga families ninyo. God bless po!!! ♥️

    Evangeline Grace Balais

  • Hi, Coach Michelle! Thank you so much for your guidance and support. The course really helps me to widen my creativity and design skills. The video lessons are easy to follow and understand.
    I’m thankful that you became a part of my journey as Web Designer. I will be forever grateful to you and to FVA.😊 May the good Lord bless you more for helping others to learn, to have skills and to have a meaningful career path.

    Leila Telles

  • Coach Michelle is an amazing mentor. She always motivates her students to give their best in everything they do and she really is a master of her craft (Web Design). She is also generous in sharing her knowledge and experiences in her Web Design career. I consider her as one of the best mentors in my Freelancing career.

    Jonadab Cayabyab

  • What can I say about FVA Program?  Allow me to share my Appreciation and Gratitude:
    1. Great Mentorship
    2. Very Organized Method of Teaching (With Lesson Notes, Lesson Videos, and Online Coaching)
    3. Approachable Coach and very responsive
    4. FVA Family is really a family of home to great learning
    5. I learned a lot from you Coach Chelle

    Having completed the WordPress Web Design Course is a fulfillment for me but it is also my great joy to receive my Certificate of Course Completion. It proves that this is the fruit of labor and time dedication. Thank you for mentoring me. Alam ko na nagsisimula pa lang ako sa journey ko sa Website Design but it is my desire to learn more about Web Designing. I preferred to work from home than to work outside of the Philippines.

    Thank you and God bless!

    Alex Vargas

  • Thanks for all your help and guidance and allow me to say that you have been a great help in getting myself to really finish this course.

    Romel Diaz

  • Hi Coach, I have registered/purchased many digital marketing courses online in the past (prior to knowing about FVA), but have NEVER finished any single one of them. I’ve registered for 4 of your courses since I think 2 months ago and I’ve finished 2 out of 4. Along the way I always make sure I take action on what I’ve learned by ‘Doing’ and applying the knowledge to my own business and for my clients. Why was I able to finish your courses and not the previous ones from DigitalMarketer.com, TeamTreehouse.com, and Udemy? Because there is coaching and accountability. Plus you always reply to emails requesting support and you make it a point to follow-up on our progress. And we’re part of a community on Facebook where we can ask for help and share our ideas. .— These are what I think makes a big difference and what separates you from the rest.

    Marvin Libron

  • Hi Coach Michelle, I learned a lot from the course. It’s very detailed that I don’t have any questions yet. It will really help me boost my freelance business and I’ll have more chances to get clients. My favorite coaching session is when I build an online shop using WooCommerce. I like it because it makes it possible to sell or showcase your services even if you don’t have physical products yet. Though I’m not yet done designing it’s already functional. I also feel fulfilled because it gives my creative skills an upgrade. It’s really worth the price. Thank you for your guidance and looking forward to more projects related to web design. Let’s keep in touch.

    Blessings, Steph

    Stephanie Enriquez

  • Hi Coach, Thank you for helping me throughout the course. This course serves as a refresher since I was stagnant for 9 years in my field. It also helped me build up my confidence level. Keep up the good work in helping others in improving their skills. God bless and more power to your business consultancy!
    Thanks, Cris

    Cristine Paclipan

  • Hi Coach Michelle, Wow, I’m so happy that I made it! I’ve learned so much about the course especially the web designing part. Also, it’s good to know that I can sell products and make a membership site using my website. I’m planning to build a community for aspiring business owners using the membership site. Thank you so much.

    Sincerely, Ross

    Ross Karen Madula

  • Hello Coach Chelle, It is truly a fulfilling experience to have my own website that I made myself. Before taking this lesson I got a free page from wordpress, I don’t remember if it was .com or .org I got it from. I wanted to create a blog and thought of making it a portfolio. Getting tutorials from youtube was not enough and still left me blank as to where and how to do it. Wednesday, September 23 at 7:30PM is a day I will not forget as it was the day I decided to enroll. It did not take much thinking but I had a certain feeling so I had to go for it. The first video, CS1, was exciting as I am actually getting a domain name using my own name. Then real work started with CS2, CS3…but then CS4 got really exciting as I was putting in together the elements that will make up my website; logo, iris flower icon, banner, photos, etc. The one hour video was a lot of work I would say…but the end result was so fulfilling and was ecstatic to see my website come alive with colors, motion effects, texts and images. Thank you for accommodating all our inquiries. I am so glad I made it to the end of the lesson.

    Monica Aranzamendez

  • Maraming salamat po! This is the first step achieving my goal to be a web designer.
    I still have long ways to go but having the fundamentals is very important before venturing into freelance web design.
    Hope to work with you someday and the FVA team. God Bless!

    Neil Ryan Manalo

  • It’s so nice to create a website and I learned a lot thank you so much for guiding me through it. Thank you

    Martin Malaluan

  • Thank you so much, Coach Michelle! You’re very helpful and patient. I really appreciate it when you reply immediately if I have questions. It helped me a lot in finishing the course. 🙂

    Cecille Perez

  • Thanks for all the learnings! It’s been a very interesting journey for me. I am overwhelmed as this is new to me and I hope I can remember everything you have taught me. God bless!

    Rose Lumanog

  • Hi Coach Michelle, Thank you po I learned a lot in this course. The coaching sessions were easy to follow since all the steps are really being shown. Also, you answer our concerns/clarifications and give feedback as well.

    Bianca Cruz

  • Thank you Michelle! I learned a lot from your course and especially love your teaching style. It flows perfectly and very easy to follow.

    Kenneth Araneta

  • Hi Coach Chelle, Indeed I’ve learned a lot from this course. I still can’t believe that I created a website within a month without having prior knowledge of this subject. Please don’t get me wrong, my website still needs improvement, but as the saying goes,  “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and for me this is one big step towards achieving my dream. By profession I’m from a finance background and I previously thought that web design is just for programmers, developers, or people with IT background until a friend recommended this course. I already told you before and i will say it again, your video lessons are easy to follow and the way you explained things makes it easier to understand. Thank you for the opportunity to be one of your students. May God bless you, coach Chelle and I can see that FVA Family will continue to grow even more. Thanks again and until next time, Patrick 

    Patrick Cabalo

  • I really enjoyed the course, I learned more than I expected to learn. Our coach was very responsive and helpful with our problems. will definitely rercommend

    Jaymark Louis Abon

  • Thank you Coach Michelle for the Guidance. Thank You for always answering my questions in our Group Chat. I havent met you in person but I can feel that you are so approachable. What i like about the coaching was your time to hear us. Its good that you are just a chat away when we have troubles on designing our website. Actually Coach, this is my 3rd course here in FVA hehe but this is my first time to submit  assignments and finish it in just 1 week.  I hope coach you will still help and guide me as i move forward with this journey that i want to pursue.

    Thank You So Much Coach Michelle. Thank You Coach Grace.  Thank You FVA.
    Keep Safe and God Bless

    Rhea Sulima

  • Hi Coach, First of all, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn web design. Course Sessions are very comprehensive .and easy to follow.

    Angelito Corpuz

  • I really appreciated FVA Academy and Coach Mich because they had given me enough additional knowledge and support in creating and optimizing my website’s portfolio to attract and hopefully start to find prospective clients. I was never wrong when I decided to enroll with the academy and right know, I’m currently building my career as a freelancer with what I learned from them. The videos and tutorials were helpful because of its step-by-step and basic approach which helped me a lot as a beginner in this field. I’m proud to be one of the student of FVA Academy especially as a Web Designer Student! Thank you so much po!

    Mary Grace Isonza

  • I want to thank Coach Michelle for the lessons and tips in this entire course! I’m a teacher too so I know the joys (or frustrations) you might feel for your students as they submit their portfolios. Thank you because the lessons are well-organized and I can easily follow through. I thought it would be very hard since my wordpress background is only about blogging (way back in 2007). So I am hesitant to take this course and if not for my sister’s encouragement, I will not pursue this.  Hopefully, as a returning OFW, I can use the knowledge and skills I have learned in this course to my freelancing career endeavor. Again, thank you so much for all the patience and helping me solve some technical issues in my website. God bless you and the FVA family!

    Laarni Lorono

  • At first, I almost wanted to quit upon hearing all the technical terms being used. I felt like I was experiencing  a “digital shock” knowing that I am not a computer savvy.  I took courage to really understand the lesson. The pacing of the lesson and the manner by which it was explained was also a big help for me to finished the task.  The sense of fulfilment I get from seeing my “own” website beginning  to take shape is ineffable. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. This is something that I am forever grateful with.

    Carlo Porticos

  • The lecture videos are really helpful. They are clear and easy to follow. 
    I really learned a lot in less than a month. Thank you!

    Adriel Manalansan

  • Thank you Coach Michelle! Thank you for the guidance, patience and understanding. I did learned a lot from the course. And I am excited to apply the learnings I’ve had with my new client. I am now drafting a package proposal that includes WordPress Web Design development. 

    Rhoe Loreto

  • Kirsten Martin

    Hired before the Coaching
  • The whole course experience was fun! Hindi siya dreadful aralin honestly. Nung una kinakabahan ako kasi I only encountered layouting blogsites using templates pero nung nag-take ako nung course, the web design process is entirely different! Na-enjoy ko yung coaching sessions, the learning process itself. Thankful ako kay Coach Michelle kasi she’s really patient sa mga query at pag-che-check ng portfolios, hindi lang sa ‘kin pero pati na rin sa batchmates ko. She always encourage us and push us to do our best and also to take opportunities once na andiyan na. She was understanding also during the course, naalala ko it took me almost two weeks para matapos yung pag-de-design ng portfolio website pati na rin nung online shop pero si Coach matiyagang nag-follow up. Mas naka-drive na ma-complete ang course and aim for Gold Certificate. PS:
    Nung inupdate ko yung Upwork account ko with a different Title(I updated my profile with “Web Designer/*insert current work*” as my title) + added my portofolios from the course, na-approve na rin sa wakas yung account ko(finally, after 10 months!), 😊 New step in my road to freelancing, yes!

    Anna Angelica dela Cruz

  • I learned a ton on this course.  From zero knowledge in creating a website to having my website is a milestone.  
    Thank you for being a great coach, your patience on me is amazing. 
    Thank you for sharing your passion with the people around you, especially to your students.

    Jannet Ramirez

  • It was really an amazing experience learning a lot in a short period of time. I usually deal with new software/platform in my job as a Systems Engineer but learning them alone, asking google, reading reference books, online forums and etc is not easy. But this time the learning curve was very smooth though web development is really a different world for me but I managed to met the timelines because of your very effective coaching and support. To be honest, this is my first time to engage in paid online learning and at first I really thought that it is not going to be so effective, but I was wrong. I’m planning to take more courses with FVA so I can prepare my self to go back home and spend all my time with my family while earning. That’s actually the goal here, working abroad away from your family is really difficult. Thanks a lot coach

    Randy Tamayo

  • Learning through lessons are easy, even for those who have  no I.T. knowledge. Just following your instructions you can make it. At first i thought i cant make it because #1 i have to buy a domain and webhosting, but its worth the expense because i learned a lot from you. Hopefully i can find a client soon, and be a spiderwoman 🙂 Thanks coach

    Annabel Moscosa

  • The lessons are very technical, as in kapag wala kang alam sa website design at wordpress, mawawala ka talaga. pero the lessons itself ay design talaga para sa mga katulad ko na zero knowledge sa wordpress and yet the lessons are clear. ung mga terms and how to do it ay nandun sa mga lessons. masusundan mo sya, and step by step talaga..

    Bryan Balolong

  • Your coaching sessions were all approachable in terms of understanding WordPress.com and WordPress.org. It was fun to manage an design websites including Elementor. Most clients that I apply for are looking experienced WordPress Web Designer. Now, I am equipped with the samples and my detailed portfolios to them. In the end, I am excited to get clients for web design after I optimized all my profiles.

    John Lee Romano

  • Thank you so much for coaching us. It was a nice experience taking this course. I learned a lot from your coaching. This will definitely level up my skill set. God Bless.

    Match Aliga

  • I am so amazed how I was able to build my own website and learn new skills in a span of 1 month. The videos and lesson notes are very informative and the whole coaching process is effective. It is designed for beginners like me but you’ll end up like an expert. Thank you to FVA family and to our very supportive coach, Michelle Macaraig for this wonderful experience. More power and God bless.

    Marivic Mamaril

  • The whole coaching session was informative and straight forward. It was my first time to do it from scratch, like choosing the domain and webhosting. I have understood better how the whole thing works from step1 until I was able to build a website. As long as you just follow through with the videos, anybody will not get lost. If they are, there is always a coach who can help. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

    Sheba Gayondato

  • Thank you coach for the support all the way through the end. I am looking forward to enhance more of the skills I learned from you!

    Angeline Sarte

  • The FVA Web Design Course instantly made me into a Web Designer! Coach Michelle Macaraig explains the training topics in ways that beginners will really learn. I, myself never thought that I could learn web designing using WordPress. After finishing the course, I can proudly say that I can design website now. In the span of my training sessions, Coach Michelle is very quick to answers all my questions. That’s a double thumbs up. 👍👍

    Ardie Cabillon

  • It’s life changing. You were very responsive to my questions and always ready to offer help regards with my portfolios. Thanks coach. 🙂

    Erlinda Patacsil

  • Coach Michelle, thank you for teaching us properly all about Web Designing. As a student, I really liked that we have 24/7 support from our coach and they are actually extending their help for beginners like us. This is not a feedback but this is actually a thank you message for the FVA Family and coaches, especially Coach Michelle. I am confident that with the things I learned here and the continued support of my coach, I know I can offer a top-notch service for my future clients. Thank you!

    Rebecca Renta


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